How to Watch Sky Sports Online

Sky Sports is one of the most popular ways to watch live sports, and for good reason – with loads of channels, it’s amazingly easy to keep up with whatever sport you choose. Whether you’re into football, tennis, golf, snooker, or something totally obscure, chances are you can watch it on Sky.

So, how can you go about it? It can seem a bit complicated, especially when you realize how many different channels and packages Sky is offering. 


We’re here to help you understand Sky Sports’ offerings and find a way of watching sports online that suits you best. 

sky sports
Manchester City celebrate scoring. Credit: Sky Sports.

What type of device should you use?

If you aren’t watching on a TV, then you’re going to want to use the Internet to get access to Sky Sports. But what service you want might change depending on what kind of device you have.

If you’re using a laptop, you can stream directly from the Watch Sky Sports website hub, with access to all their channels directly in your browser, depending on what you’ve paid for (you’ll need to login before viewing). This is good because it optimizes the use of a larger screen and is easy to navigate. 

If you’re on a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet) you’re going to want to take advantage of Sky GO – their app that allows you access to all the channels that you’ve paid for. The app is available on iOS in the App Store and on Android in the Play Store.

What type of package should you go for?

There’s a dizzying array of different Sky offers available, and many of them include some sports. There are also sport-specific packages, such as a Football-only offer (currently £18 a month).

To get the right deal for your money, you’re going to need to shop around. To get everything that Sky Sports has to offer is around £34 a month, whereas a day pass (if you want to watch a one-off event) is around £9. 

Once you’ve decided which package is the right one for you, you can start browsing and streaming straight away.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve hopefully been able to get a Sky Sports deal that works best for you. With so many different ways to watch and pay, there’s bound to be something that works for everyone. 

Make sure you keep checking back in with Sky Sports to get the most out of your deal. Not only is there a whole heap of content online and in-app, there’s also a chance you could bag yourself an upgrade or get access to something extra special.

Happy watching! Click here for more sports-related content.


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