Check Out the 5 Most Expensive Ballparks For Fans

Do you know that a couple will spend an average of $77.92 on an outing to a baseball park? You have to agree that for that amount there better be some major value attached to it. Things like comfort, security and refreshments should not be compromised. Hence, if you are a baseball lover, then you are no stranger to comfort.

Most baseball parks are meant to make fans and players feel at home. What is the use of buying an expensive ticket when you won’t be at ease inside the stadium? Moreover, most fans come to watch with their families. Therefore, you’re spending a ton and that means you expect comfort and amazing views.


Remember that ticket prices vary with stadiums. Also, prices change depending on whether it’s a high or low season. Here is a list of the 5 most expensive baseball parks in descending order. Look through, see what they offer and choose what fits you and your family.

Check Out the 5 Most Expensive Ballparks For Fans

Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)

Cubs fans say there is something spectacular about watching a game at Wrigley field. Could it be the reason behind their high ticket prices?  Perhaps. After all, they say if you know your value, don’t be afraid to charge highly for it.

For instance, their ticket prices were increased by 1.6% more than any other ball park. This brought the value of their ticket in the last season to $59.49 more than the cost of other ballpark tickets. 

At Wrigley Field, a ticket for a family of four costs $370.12. It comes with a parking fee of $26.16 and beer at $9.50 a pop. Even with the high prices, their tickets get sold out and people pay $100 to catch their games from surrounding rooftops.

Fenway Park

It is home to the 2018 World Series champions. Their tickets are second highest in cost after Wrigley Field and 4.1% higher than other baseball park tickets. Therefore, you will pay an average of $59.32 more to watch games here.

A family of four ticket costs $354.54 and comes with parking of $14.28 and beers of $8.50.  The ballpark has special offers for students called # Student9s. With this offer, college students in town are allowed to subscribe to game alerts. They pay $9 for it.

Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid ballpark holds the title for the largest 2019 hike in prices. It is home to 2018 AL West division crown winners. During the 2019 season, their tickets were increased by 23.9% more. Therefore, each ticket cost an average $49.85.

A family of four will part with $313.38 at this park. However, there are other luxuries that come with being at Minute Maid Park. For instance, you can buy yourself a baseball cap for $21.99. Also, the Astros offer Coca-Cola and Dollar Dog Nights Ballpark bundles. They include a hot dog, ticket, popcorn and a soft drink, all for $20.

Nationals Park (Washington Nationals)

Much as it is home to the US Supreme Court, Washington is not known to have high baseball ticket prices. The average ticket for a Nats game goes for $44. A 12, 5% increase from the previous season. However, this ballpark is known for having some of the most expensive hot dogs and beer.

For instance, a Steep-as-Capitol-Hill hot dog costs $7 while beers are priced at $9. Baseball caps, however, are the most cost-effective in the league. They are priced at $15. A family of four will part with $296.48 to watch a game at Nationals Park. 

There is a pending Nationals’ Harris Teeter Family Fun pack discount that is awaiting approval by the Federal Reserve’s inflation fighters. If it gets approved, you get to enjoy a bag of chips, hot dog, a bottle of water or a soft drink and a ticket for just $20.

Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees)

Don’t be fooled by Yankee Stadium’s pinstripes: You don’t have to be Wall-Street-income rich to watch the Bronx Bombers in action. The Yankees have maintained their low ticket prices for the past three seasons. An average non-premium ticket costs $47.62 and a premium one is priced at $350.

A family of four ticket costs $293.96. You can also check other avenues to get cheap tickets at Yankee stadium. For instance, if you pay with a MasterCard, you can watch some games for $5. Also, there are $10 grandstand tickets that you can access for every game.

Check Out the 5 Most Expensive Ballparks For Fans

Final Remarks

They say that to watch a baseball game, you have to first pass by the ATM. That may be true since you have seen that most baseball tickets are quite expensive. But also, don’t forget that prices vary with stadiums and seasons. If you are going to watch the season’s champions, be ready to part with a few hundreds of dollars.

Also, some teams like the Chicago Cubs, Astros and others have made a name for themselves.  Therefore, you pay big bucks to watch the best of the best. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can sign up for offers and bundles to decrease the hit.


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