Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy

Kids spend a great deal of time sitting in front of their devices, and that can be a terrible thing. Inactivity stops children from improving their motor skills and strengthening their hearts, lungs, and muscles. It can also sign them up for a sedentary life and even obesity.

Exercise is a crucial part of every child’s growth, and incorporating it at an early age will set them up for a healthy life ahead. It may not be ideal right now to have your kids outside playing with other kids, so it’s important for you to help them get their exercise on their own. Up next, we’re going to tell you about 20 daily exercises for kids. 

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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20. Ski Hops

Ski Hops are easy to do and are a low-impact exercise that can help them build their muscles and back. It improves heart rate, keeps kids on their toes, and energetic all the time. Executing a set of this exercise requires coordination of mind and body and teaches one to be focused.   

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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With both legs closed together, jump or “hop” to your left and back or right and back or both. While hoping, make sure that your kid follows your hand coordination. The hands swing with each jump as if one is skiing and hence the name Ski hops. Do this with your kid early morning for better results.

19. Leg Lifts

You did not expect this exercise for adults to be listed here, did you? Leg lift is another core building exercise, and due to this fact, the faster your kid gets exposed to it, the stronger he/she gets. If your child is obese, then this exercise is a must.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Guide your child to lie down flat on a comfy yoga mattress and ask them to touch the hips on the floor. Next, tell them to keep their legs together and inner thighs active. Next, raise the legs slowly while exhaling, and bring down the legs while inhaling. Make sure they do not drop their legs at once.

Since exercising with the right breathing is a necessary art, make sure you monitor them until they get it right. A word of caution, your child must not hold their breath while attempting a leg lift. If the legs come apart, then there is no point in this workout so show them the first two to three times.

18. Rope Climbing

If you are a loving parent who takes their kids to the park every day, you already know what we are discussing here. A study conducted said that climbing helps children’s mental and physical well-being. It improves their memory, creativity, agility, and creative thinking. 

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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For starters, go to the park and ask your children to use the little rope climbing setup. If your kid is too young, make sure that you are standing nearby to catch them in case they falter. For older kids, buy a harness and take them to indoor rope-climbing games.

All the gear that you may need is available on Amazon and other competing sites. For example, helmet, harness, and rope ladder. The various climbing setup helps kids in the ways mentioned above, but it also teaches them social skills at an early age. 

17. Yoga

The importance and relevance of yoga are universal now and have cut across the age barrier. Enrolling kids in yoga classes or making them practice the same at home is considered wise and intelligent. You want your kids to start getting the powerful benefits of this exercise as soon as possible and maintain a strong body.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Get a mattress, and tell your kids to start at home with stretching exercises. This will help them push their limits; it is a good way to teach kids how to focus better. Show your kids the basic asanas or poses and ask them to copy whatever you are doing.

Beware that some poses require professional supervision and if you are not that person, get a trainer at home. You do not want your kid to get injured during their practice. Teach your child the art of breathing properly and holding the right posture. This will help them to be patient, learn to de-stress, and stay energized. 

16. Side Bends

Worried that your kid is getting plump due to sitting all day on the couch and munching away? Say hello to side bends that work perfectly well to get the lazy ones off the couch. A recent study has shown that kids in the U.S are getting those “handles” faster than one could imagine.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Tell your child to have their feet apart, and their knees bent a bit. Now, with one hand on their hip and the other straight down, they are to bend and try to touch the ground or as farther as they can with the straight hand. The position of the hips should remain the same. 

The daily exercise is a starter for anyone who hasn’t worked out at all, let alone kids. They help the kids develop their inner muscles, strengthen their hips and thighs at an early age. Other than that, the hand and body movement help them develop concentration, a much-needed requirement in the days of distraction.  

15. High Knee Jacks

High knee jacks or jumps are a perfect way to teach your kids about body coordination and momentum. Apart from that, this exercise will keep them on their toes, improve their leg muscles, heart rate, and overall blood circulation in the body. The good part is it can be done in their rooms with a mattress alone.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Tell them to stand in an upright position with head held at normal parallel sight. Next, bend one leg by the knee and bring it up as high as possible, keeping it close to the body. The other leg should be straight.

There are different variations to this exercise where you can keep the hands down or across or upright. You can even tell your kids to practice various other knee-jack variants, for example, high kick, where they bring their one leg parallel to their hips while standing straight. This will help them with balancing skills.

14. Back Turns

With most of the studying happening online these days, kids are exposed to poor body postures while sitting for hours on their chairs. This gives them back pain and stiff necks at an early age. One of the best daily exercises that can solve this problem is called back turns. It keeps the body flexible and devoid of pain.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Get a mattress and tell your kid to stand straight with legs apart at 1 foot from one another. Next, they should keep one hand on the hip and the other raised parallelly to the shoulder level. Then turn the raised hand in the opposite direction, moving the head along in the same direction and vice-versa.

This exercise ensures that the nerves around the neck get enough blood circulation and don’t form a clot. Though these are rarely experienced in kids, why take the chance? It also teaches them to coordinate their eyes, neck, and hands, leading to improved focus and concentration.  

13. Knee Tuck Crunches

If you want your kid to have good immunity and a strong physical body, then you cannot ignore any abdomen exercises. Knee tuck crunches are just right for kids as it is not excruciating due to their lightweight. It teaches the kids to be disciplined and follow rules patiently for good long-term results.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Bring a mattress to an open area and tell your kids to sit with their legs open. Next, they should bend their knees or tuck them just a bit closer to their body. Now, with their hands lightly laid down on the ground, lift the legs, pull them closer and push them away without touching the ground. 

They should do at least ten repetitions of this movement and then take a one-minute break before resuming for set 2. This exercise prepares them to build a core and a strong abdomen that will help them in complex exercises and will keep them energetic and fit at all times, ready to contribute to the world.

12. Push-Ups 

As a startling fact, against the myth that push-ups are only meant for adults, kids can start practicing this exercise as early as they are three years old! You did not see that coming! However, it doesn’t mean that you get overambitious and ask your kids to train like marines right at that tender age. 

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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If you have an overly obese kid, then tell them to start with “wall push-ups.” Use the wall to learn to push your body away against all that bodily weight.  For other kids, tell them to use their hands to make a lateral stand, with legs collected together, and then push and pull their body slowly. 

The benefits of push-ups are plenty for both adults and kids. The young ones develop their core and get their foundation right. It also helps them build resilience and teaches them to persevere and not give up when faced with adversity. Doing a set of 10 push-ups every day can keep kids energetic.

11. Running

It’s simple to learn, involves little equipment, can be done at any moment almost anywhere, and lets kids get some of the all-important physical activity in every day. It might seem easy, but one of the best activities kids can do is to run around. 

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Motivate them to run, do a relay race, even chase after the dog, or play tag, etc. To even get them moving and having a good time, try playing some running games. You will reinforce a love for running in them that will eventually turn into a routine of daily running.

They build a regular exercise routine when children run, particularly as part of a special program or a consistent family practice. This is something that will help them throughout their lives, both psychologically and physically.

10. Crab Walk

Crab walking for children is an incredible core strengthening activity. Let them crab walk to the restroom to have a bath, to the door to get their footwear, to the kitchen, and have a sip – they can crab walk inside or even outside!

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Have your children sit in front with their feet and their hands behind them, then raise their hips off of the floor so they can walk like crabs. It’s hilarious and crazy while improving core and arm strength. Boot it up another level once your kids have grasped the simple step.

When moving around, try to balance various small objects on their tummies. Bean bags and shakers can also be used. You can consider toilet paper rolls, snack-sized pretzel bags, or even their own cuddly toy at home.

9. Bear Crawl

Flip it over and make them walk like a bear if they don’t like walking like a crab. Make them crawl on their hands and feet, their knees not hitting the ground or floor.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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The bear walk is referred to as a ‘whole body’ skill as the whole body functions simultaneously. It begins with reinforcing the core to weight-bearing, which strengthens the arms and legs. It also improves the spatial awareness of the child.

It’s a complete workout for the brain and body. Bear walking races have always been common, but as much as they can, parents can also sneak them in. Consider bear crawling rather than walking to the bathroom for shower time!

8. Superman

Like a superhero, let your little kid fly and strengthen his back. Have your child rest on their bellies, then rise off the ground their arms and feet, like Superman flying in the wind. If it is performed right, it is a good movement.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Superman strengthens the back, neck, glutes, and hamstrings, and the vestibular system is also improved. But if not executed properly, they can also put a great deal of strain on the areas.

Roll up a towel or small blanket and put it under the upper chest to help lift, or transfer your child to a sofa, and let your child lift the head and arms while the upper chest is placed on a comfortable armrest if your kid has trouble performing this act with the stomach on the floor.

7. Cycling

Cycling is a simple ankle and thigh exercise. It is claimed that joint mobility is enhanced, stress levels are decreased, cardiovascular health is strengthened, and muscle strength increases. In addition, it eases the mind and body by allowing the child to admire the surrounding natural views.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Find an appropriate place for cycling for your child. Make sure it is far from congestion and a greener location. Wear the right riding gear for your girl, including long-sleeved tees, long trousers, covered shoes, knee and elbow pads.

Your child is required to wear a helmet that matches their size. During the daytime or afternoons and not after dark, let them cycle. Most importantly, make sure that their age is appropriate for cycling. 

6. Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is an easy and quick morning workout that can improve children’s physical health and boost agility and stamina. As the entire body works, it is one of the best exercises for losing weight. It also alleviates stress, and blood circulation is boosted.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Choose the appropriate rope, one that is not too long and one that almost meets the shoulders when folded in half, before allowing your child to do this. The ropes should have handles, neither too light nor too heavy, that are nice to hold.

Make them stand up, keep the rope handles in both hands, and use their wrists to swing it over their head without moving their hands. When the rope drops toward the front of the feet, tell them to jump over. They need to use their ankles to jump but do not bend their knees.

5. Backstretch (Child Pose)

This is a non-twisting yoga pose that fits well on the muscles in the back. It, together with the muscles of the arms and shoulders, can also relieve strained back muscles. In addition, this also improves digestion, decreases anxiety and stress, and lengthens the lower back.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Have your children kneel on a mat with hips on their heels. Ask them to open their knees in hip-distance while holding their toes together. They must lean forward and drape their body over the thighs so that the forehead is resting on the ground.

Let them completely extend their arms to the front. Instruct them to breathe deeply and relax while keeping this pose.

4. Overhead Shoulder Stretch

Stretching can allow the muscles to function better. An arm workout to help reinforce the muscles is this overhead shoulder and hand exercise that can be performed anytime and anywhere. After a hectic day, it can also release tension, allow proper blood flow, and relieve fatigue.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Tell your child to remain upright with fairly stretched back, feet shoulder-width apart, and chest forward. Lift their left arm above the head, bend the elbow, and put the hand behind the neck.

Have them reach the left elbow with the right hand and slowly bring it behind the head. Maintain the stretch after that. Let them relax their muscles, using the other arm, repeat.

3. Forward Lunges

The forward lunge aims to enhance the muscles and joints’ strength in the ankles, knees, and hips. In addition, it helps facilitate balance and core stability. With good leverage, this is a one-leg bodyweight exercise.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Have your child stand with feet hip-width apart and keep the spine straight. Some 70 percent of their body weight will have to be on the front foot, then tell them to step the right leg forward and turn the body ahead. Ensure they still have a straight upper body and back.

Lower the body till a 90° angle is formed by the right knee, and hold the back straight. The lower leg must be parallel to the floor, while the thighs must be perpendicular. To push up and return to the 90° position, use the right foot and execute this forward lunge with the other leg.

2. Squats

It does not get better than this for a lower body workout. Great for building quads, hamstrings, and glutes, squats also help strengthen your kids’ lower backs. They can do squats with bodyweight or hold cans or rice bags.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Strength training, like squats, is an important component of the development of vital movement skills. The exercises promote muscle strength at an early age and prepare children to be physically active.

1. Planks

This is perfect for developing core muscles, which are essential for powerful and agile kids. Test if they can keep the plank as long as you can, and by asking them to hold out as long as humanly possible, turn it into a challenge.

Daily Exercises for Children to Expend Energy
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Make your kid lay on the stomach once on the floor with hands flat on the floor at the level of the shoulder and toes on the floor. Let your child push their hands up on the count of 3 to straighten the arms and raise the entire body all the way to the toes, off of the floor.


Children need physical exercise to develop strength, agility, and endurance and to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. As much as you might want to have your kids be out there playing team sports, it isn’t the best time for activities like that. 

So, you’ve got to find an alternative, and the best alternative you have at home is utilizing the above activities. Most of them can be done indoors, and you can play music and join along to make the whole thing seem like fun – and not exercise.


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