The 5 Most Successful Pro Football Teams of All Time

The most successful pro footbal teams of all times only get that way with a whole lot of planning, grit and hard work. Of course, some luck is involved especially when talking about sports, but it also involves a lot of sacrifices, sweat, and blood. Teams that use their smarts are also said to be the most successful in any sport. Now, we can easily calculate success through numbers, but they may not always tell the whole story, although this is what is available to most of us.

Pro football is one of the highest-rated sports in the US. Not only is it a billion-dollar industry, but it has also managed to make the pro athletes who play the sport extremely famous and wealthy. The Superbowl is usually one of the highest-rated sporting events of the year, and draws in millions of viewers on TV as well as thousands of spectators.


The 2020 Superbowl champions were the Kansas City Chiefs. Now although this team did not make it to our list of the most successful pro football teams of all time, they are worthy of a mention for their success this year. They have only won the Super Bowl once, while the other teams on our list have won several times. We’ve dug in deep to discover the best of the best so let’s get into it.

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New England Patriots

Super Bowl wins: 6
Championships – Pre-Super Bowl: 0
Conference Titles: 11
Playoff Appearances: 22
Titles – Division: 27

Love them or hate them, this team has incredible statistics on the field. They have won the Super Bowl six times, and the divisions consecutively for the last 12 out of 13 years. These types of statistics are almost unheard of in the world of NFL and almost all other sports. This is the team that gave birth to the now phenomenal Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who are the most famous football player and coach of all time.

They are of course, not a team that is perfect yet, but their 6 Super Bowl performances in the last 14 years, is not an easy feat to achieve, and this makes them come very close to perfection. They have come a very long way since they started appearing in the Super Bowl, and we all expect a lot more from this team in the coming decades.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl wins: 6
Championships – Pre-Super Bowl: 0
Conference Titles: 8
Playoff Appearances: 23
Titles – Division: 31

One of the biggest reasons why this is a great team is the fact that they almost always play perfectly during the Super Bowl. There is certainly something about their genome that makes them perform so well during the big games decade after decade. They are part of the few teams that were extremely popular in the 70s in football.

Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl wins: 4
Championships – Pre-Super Bowl: 9
Conference Titles: 9
Playoff Appearances: 33
Titles – Division: 19

This is one of the successful football team of all time. They have won the Super Bowl a record 4 times, and they also have some of the best players in the field. They, however, won the most after they merged and expanded, but this should never be used to take their success away. The team was established in the year 1919 and has had amazing success since then. Recently they have managed to qualify for 18 out of the 23 Playoffs they participated in.

New York Giants

Super Bowl wins: 4
Championships – Pre-Super Bowl: 4
Conference Titles: 11
Playoff Appearances: 16
Titles – Division: 32

This team can easily be our number one most successful team very easily because they’ve had tremendous success in the history of the NFL. Obviously, they are not alone in this, and together with the Green Bay Packers, have both won 4 Super Bowl Championships to date. But, regardless of this, their success is pretty impressive, since the joined the sport. They made appearances in the NFL in 1920, 1940, 1930, 1960 and also 1950.

Even in the drought of 1970, they were the winners, and they won again in 1986, 1990, and 2007 and also in 2011. They are the team that managed to knock off the then-unbeaten patriots and then they beat them again a few years later.

Oakland Raiders

Super Bowl wins: 3
Championships – Pre-Super Bowl: 0
Conference Titles: 4
Playoff Appearances: 15
Titles – Division: 22

This team hasn’t managed to make the postseason since 2002, but they remain to be one of the most successful franchises in Pro Football. From the year 1967 until 1977 they never missed a single playoff, and they won the Super Bowl for the first time in 1976.  They then won again in 1980 and in 1983. Their glory was however built on how formidable they were in the 70s and they also had one of the most talented quarterbacks of all time in Ken Stabler.

Pro Football Teams
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The 5 Most Successful Pro Football Teams Conclusion

Getting on the most successful pro football teams of all time list isn’t easy. It takes massive work and dedication on the parts of the players, coaches and management. We hope you enjoyed our list of the most successful pro football teams of all time. Of course, there are many other teams we have left out who have also wowed the crowds, but the five on our list have out above of all the rest. It just goes to show, perserverance and hard work always pays off.


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