The Top 5 NFL Picks to Keep your Eye on

The National Football League Draft is a meeting that is usually designed for player selection. It happens each year, and it is the most common source of recruitment of new players.

Each of the major National Football League (NFL) teams are given a position to draft, but in the reverse order. The team in the last position in the previous year is the one to choose first.


The teams are then required to select a player who has been drafted. They can also trade a player position with another team for them to be drafted to another position, on a player to player basis.

The round table is usually complete after each team has had their selection of players or trade-offs. The first ever draft like this was done in 1936 and this has been the practice each year since them. This year, even with all the uncertainty surrounding sports due to the pandemic, it still happened.

Colloquially, the draft name for each year usually takes the year and NFL season, for example in 2020, it was the 2020 NFL Draft. This year, there were some great candidates for the draft.

Here are the top 5 most talked about NFL drafts that you need to keep your eye on.

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Joe Burrow – QB LSU – Cincinnati Bengals

This comes as no surprise. This athlete won the Heisman Trophy in 2019. Last year, very few fans knew who he was, but after winning the trophy, he is in the limelight.

Now we are all wishing him great success with the Cincinnati Bengals. He is sure to make a great impact there.

Joe Burrow’s deal is worth around $36 million, with $23.9 million as a signing bonus.

Chase Young – EDGE Ohio State – Washington

The no. 2 pick went to the Redskins and they really could use a Quarterback here. They were always going to be in the second position and they chose one of the top talents from the 2019 season.

With the team being one step behind the Cincinnati Bengals, they did manage to lock down a great quarterback and this could mean that they walked away with a great new player.

His contract is worth $34.6 million and a signing bonus of around $22.7 million.

Jeffrey Okudah – CB Ohio State – Detroit Lions

He was drafted to the Detroit Lions but the rumors are that he would wish to be traded to another team such as the Dolphins or the Chargers, that are in need of a quarterback.

If Detroit doesn’t accept to trade him, then he will remain with them.

The total contract is worth $33.5 million and has a $21.9 million signing bonus.

Jedrick Wills – OT Alabama to the New York Giants

The Giants are said to be looking at trading down. They wish to trade him to a quarterback-needy team, but if they giants do keep him, which they probably will, then he will definitely remain with them.

They are however looking at Clemson Isaiah Simons for this position. His contract is worth $32.3 million and has got a signing bonus of $21.1 million.

Justin Herbert – QB Oregon, Miami Dolphins

It did take Herbert a while to leap past Tua Tagovailoa, but as the second selected quarterback in the draft, he did just fine. The teams know him as a healthy and determined fellow, who did very well for himself during the Senior Bowl.

As Miami wants someone to start from the first day, they are probably going to keep him. His contract is worth $26.6 million and a signing bonus of $16.9 million.

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With such big contracts, we almost wish we were big time players. But we are all watching these new recruited NFL players to see how they will fare.

It is exciting to see these great players’ careers unfold right before our eyes.

When the world finally stabilizes and goes back to normal, these players will make watching the NFL a great experience again.


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