Tips for a Great Shot when Chipping in Golf

What did you learn during the pandemic? Different people learnt different new skills like baking, cooking, DIY, parenting, business, etc. It was a great time to learn whatever you have been postponing for lack of time-you had all the time in the world.

If you have wanted to perfect your golf game, this is the time. Golf has different shots; Chip, pitch, Lay- Up, Putt, Approach and Draw shots among many others. 


A chip shot is when you have to play a ball near the green and involves the ball going into the air, hitting the ground and rolling toward the hole. Do you want to learn how to make a chip shot like a pro? Stick around.

Tips for a Great Shot when Chipping in Golf
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What’s a Chip Shot?

A chip shot is that shot that is played near the ground and bounces after impact. Although some golfers say a chip shot can be of any distance, a chip shot is made mostly when close to the green. When a golfer has missed a previous shot, a chip and pitch shots are the ones required. 

We all know that golf is no game of perfect; all players have or will miss shots from time to time. Therefore, you have to learn your chipping and pitching skills if you want to see your scores lowering steadily.

Tips for a Great Chip Shot


Most times, a golf player will hit a chip shot using a mid-iron, but this can change anytime. Sometimes, a wedge is used or a hybrid or wood. A player will select his club depending on comfort, distance of the shot and obstacles that could be on the way. 

Therefore, to make a good chip shot, you need to first assess the situation and choose the club that you think will work best for you.

When to Chip

To make a great chip you will also need to know when to chip. Remember that a chip shot is when the ball bounces and stays near the ground, you need to analyze the ground conditions between the target and you. 

For instance, if your ball is in the rough and there is a greenside bunker between the hole and you, you shouldn’t chip then because it is hard to predict the outcome of the ball after it bounces or rolls through the bunker or rough. The key here is to chip only when you can easily predict how the ball will respond.

Ground Conditions and Distance

From the point above, before you make a chip shot, you should first analyze some factors like ground conditions and distance. For instance, in case you are in the fairway, 50 yards away from the green, it is easy to predict where the ball will bounce given the short grass. 

Note that distance raises the chances of something you didn’t expect happening, therefore, you should make a chip shot when there is less distance between the target and you.

Tips for a Great Shot when Chipping in Golf
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The Chipping Grip

Another factor to consider is your grip. You have probably seen that many golfers use the same grip for the chip shot and the full swing shot and there is no problem with that. Another option is to use a putting grip since the chip shot is much or less like the long putt with a different club. 

However, only use a putt grip if you are comfortable with it. Note that your grip impacts the face angle, therefore a chip shot doesn’t offer time enough for the club face to turn.

Different people will probably have various grip ideas; make sure the grip you use should get the ball rolling in the direction you want it to. Short of that, the entire grip talk is meaningless. 

For the grip pressure, you want to ensure you are holding the club lightly because a tightly held club leads to losing touch of the shot. Therefore, hold it lightly enough not to drop it.


Since you need this ball to roll along a proper line, you need to crouch down behind the shot just like in a putt. This allows you to read the ground break. Ensure you pick a specific line, get the ball rolling and allow gravity to lead it to the hole. 

Also, after selecting your line, align your club face to the same line by either picking out a leaf or blade of grass that is nearer to your ball than the hole. Ensure that secondary target lines up with the target and address your club face accurately. Also, have your feet parallel to your target. 

Chipping Swing

At this point, you are ready to swing your club and hit your shot. Ensure your wrists remain stable by eliminating any wrist hinge. Now swing the club like a pendulum having both forward swing and back swing at the same length. One key takeaway is to always accelerate through the ball.

Bottom Line

A Chip shot is that shot played near the green and has the ball bouncing after impact. Generally, golfers chip when they are nearer to the green. One of the tips to making a great chip short is considering the club you are using.  

Although a chip can be shot using any shot, you want to select a club you are comfortable with. Then consider the distance of the shot and obstacles, if any.


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