How To Watch NBA On Smartphone

There is nothing better than watching basketball on your television, or better yet, the big screen. But there are some situations where that is simply not possible. There could be a variety of reasons. You are stuck in traffic. The party lasted longer than expected. Or perhaps, you have an important project to complete in the office. But when you have to watch NBA, you just have to. There is nothing in the world that can stop you. And that’s why we have brought you some tips so you can watch NBA on your smartphone.

Sure, you could watch the highlights later on, but where is the fun in that? Watching matches in real-time makes you feel like you are a part of the action. Fortunately, there are convenient alternatives for that if you are not present in front of a TV screen, and that convenient alternative is your Smartphone.


There are several options available for you to stream all the games on your mobile phone. All you will require is a decent Smartphone, serviceable internet connection, and an app that streams NBA games in real-time. Here’s how to watch the NBA on your smartphone.

Watch NBA - Basketball Players in Action
Basketball Players Tackling Playing in the Court

The Best Apps to Watch NBA Matches

Following is a list of top applications that you can access to watch your favorite NBA games on your Smartphone live.

NBA League Pass

Although there are several options for watching NBA on your phone, none are as good as NBA league pass. This is the app for people who truly appreciate basketball.

The thing that makes this app so great is that it offers two options to its users. The first option is to choose your favorite team. You will be able to watch all of the chosen team’s matches.

You do not have to be from the region your favorite NBA team belongs to, e.g., Spurs fans can watch all of its games from Washington. You can stream any game you want to without going through difficulties.

Remember to download the NBA game time app, as, without it, the league pass does not work. The app is free. However, the league pass costs money.

Watch ESPN

This is ESPN’s official app and is available on apple and android play stores. The Watch ESPN app offers you to stream several sports in it. Basketball fans will have no problem streaming their favorite NBA games on it.

The app provides you with live broadcast throughout the day. This means, once the match ends, you will have the option of viewing shows related to the game. These shows provide thorough statistics and analysis which true basketball fans will highly appreciate.

The Watch ESPN app is free. However, you do have to buy monthly or annual subscriptions to stream the matches live.

Next VR App

Virtual reality is becoming more and more prevalent these days, and finally, it has entered the world of the NBA. Downloadable on iOS and Android the Next VR app makes you feel like you are watching the game live in the arena.

In addition to streaming live events, you can also watch highlights and replays with this app. The Next VR App works in conjunction with NBA league pass. The experience you will have watching in VR is unparalleled.

Following is a list of other notable apps that you can use to watch NBA on your Smartphone.

  • Tune In
  • Watch TNT
  • Sony Liv
  • HULU Live
  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV

It is easier than ever today to watch NBA. Use the apps mentioned above to support your team throughout the season. The charges are relatively low, but the experience will be worth it.


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