Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses

Yoga is a great form of exercise that works both the body and mind. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be strenuous or take too much of your time. If you learn the best moves that work for you, even 15-minute yoga moves daily are good enough.

Yoga is usually done singly but also can be done as a couple. Yoga for two encourages communication, have fun together, and have fun. However, ensure you make only the moves you are comfortable with; otherwise, you might injure yourself. 


Yoga for two is also great for accountability if you need motivation and a ‘push’. Do you want to try yoga for two? Below are the poses to try.

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses

Partner Forward Fold

Sit opposite each other with both of your legs straightened out in front of you and wide apart. Have both of your heels touching each other’s and hold each other’s arms. 

One of you hinges forward at the hips while the other pulls you smoothly towards them. Keep doing this until your hamstring feels a deep stretch, and hold this pose for a few breaths.

Slowly come up and switch positions with the first person pulling towards themselves and the second person bending forward. Keep holding this position for some breaths until the hamstrings feel a stretch. 

This yoga pose stretches the hamstring.

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses
Image Source: Athletico Physical Therapy

Seated Cat Cow

This yoga pose works the hips, core, and back. It also opens the chest.

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses
Image Source: FirstCry Parenting

The seated cat cow pose is a variation of the classic cat move. Each of you sits cross-legged across each other and hold firmly onto each other’s forearms. Then, find equal resistance between both of you, and both draw your shoulders back and down. 

Breathe in and gently lift both your heads as you push your chests out simultaneously. This is the cow pose in a seated position. Keep in this position for some time, and then both exhale as you tuck in both your chest to your chins as you round out the upper back. 

Ensure you look at your belly button to have your back rounded, and you should feel a stretch in both your shoulder blades. This is the cat pose but in a seated position. 

Keep in this position for a few seconds and gently switch between cat and cow positions for a few minutes. To ensure you are in sync, this pose requires communication. 

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses
Image Source: Yogapedia

Twin Trees

With twin trees pose, stand close to each other, shoulders touching, and both your feet around hip-width apart. Each of you plants the inside leg into the floor, holding your weight through your entire foot as you spread your toes. 

Then lift both your other leg bent at the knee and put the sole of your foot against the side of your standing leg.  If you are comfortably balanced, you can place the sole of your foot against the inside of your thigh. 

You don’t want to put your foot against the knee to put unnecessary pressure on the joint. Use your arms to either hold each other out in front or raise your arms above your heads. This is more challenging. This helps with balance. 

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses
Image Source: Complete Wellness

Chair Pose

Both of you should stand back to back with your feet hip-width apart. Gently walk your feet a bit and lean into your companion’s back for support. If you are comfortable, interlace your arms for stability. 

The next pose calls for communication for sync purposes. Gently squat into a chair position. You might have to adjust your feet to achieve this pose. Keep pushing each other’s back for more stability. 

Keep in this position for a few seconds and then come back up slowly and walk your feet in. Repeat this as often as you can handle it. This chair pose strengthens the quads and develops posture.

Yoga for Two People: The Best Partner Poses
Image Source: Juru Yoga

Final Thoughts

Yoga for two is a great experience if you need a little twist in your daily yoga workouts. It improves communication, is fun, and promotes a healthy relationship.

It can be great for couples to bond and improve wellness together. There are many poses for partners, but ensure comfort before you try them.


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