Volleyball Richlist: Top 10 Volleyball Players with The Highest Net Worth

The sport of volleyball requires six players per team on a volleyball court. It had evolved greatly from the time when people called it Mintonette. The name was coined during the year 1895 by William G Morgan exactly four years after basketball was invented. Initially, volleyball was only meant to keep older people active by eliminating basketball’s physicality. However, the game evolved over the years and gained popularity. So much so that now it is played on a worldwide level.

Volleyball’s popularity has skyrocketed in the previous two years. Tournaments now have several advertising deals and endorsements worth millions of dollars. There are live televised games followed by millions of people due to which the deals that players receive get more and more lucrative each year. It is because of this increase in popularity why this sport has several highly paid athletes.


To achieve greatness in volleyball or any other sport for that matter, players have to go through a lot of turmoil. The players mentioned below are no different. They are the highest-earning volleyball players in the world.

1. Gavin Schmidt

The scoring machine from Canada tops this list of richest volleyball players due to his impeccable record and extraordinary skills in the game. He was a key part in Canada’s World Cup campaign of 2015.

2. Earvin Ngapeth

Earvin’s otherworldly volleyball moves have earned him a lot of recognition among hardcore as well as casual volleyball fans. He continues to excel in the sport despite being difficult to deal with during the early days of his career.

3. Saeid Marouf

Making his name with Italian outfit Emma Villas Sienna, Saeid Marouf gained a lot of recognition in the volleyball world. Saeid also has the distinct accolade of being the only Italian player to win a league on Russian soil. Saeid continues to improve his game despite achieving so much in his career.

4. Facundo Conte

Few volleyball players are as versatile as Facundo Conte. Considered as a coach’s team Facundo plays on different positions without losing his edge, a rare yet useful attribute for a volleyball player. Conte’s all-round ability of offense and defense makes him a big threat for any team he plays against.

5. Max Holt

Max Holt is one of the most important pieces of the USA volleyball team’s puzzle. It is because of his presence why people consider the USA to be the favorites for the World Cup and the World League.

Following are the rest of the players who have earned their positions in the volleyball top 10 rich lists.

  • Ivan Zaystsev
  • Mateusz Mika
  • Pavel Kreuglov
  • Ricardo Lucarelli
  • Katerina Gamova

More and more volleyball players are coming to the forefront as the sport’s popularity increases. The future of this sport seems bright and with the Volleyball World Cup just around the corner, expect this game to get higher recognition. Expect to see changes in this list after some time with the influx of talent in the sport.


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