The Basics of Playing Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular non-contact sport across the globe. Featuring skills and action, there is no wonder that this sport is followed by many. 

In fact, there are around 900 million volleyball fans worldwide, showing just how well-loved this game is. With its popularity, many individuals are taking up this sport as a recreational activity and for some, as a career. 


Those who want to start playing volleyball needs not only the drive to become a good player but also the proper knowledge about the sport as a whole. If you want to pursue volleyball as a casual sport or as a professional one, here’s what you need to know.

The Basics of Playing Volleyball
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Equipment Needed

To start playing volleyball, the first thing you need to do is to find the right space. You can do this by finding a volleyball court or setting up your own. Usually, the court is nine meters wide and 8 meters long. 

The Net

It has a net in the middle, with varying heights depending on who is playing. For men, the height of the net is typically 2.43 meters, while it is 2.24 meters for women. 

Aside from the net, there are lines indicating a three-meter width on both sides of the net.

The Ball

Now, let’s talk about the ball. You might think that all volleyballs are created equal, but it is important to remember that the quality of the ball to use can affect your game. 

An inefficient ball can cause excessive pain when it is hit, while a good one does not hurt as much. If you are thinking of setting up an indoor court, you can go for a cloth ball or a leather one. These cause minimal pain and are long-lasting. 

For outdoor courts, those made of synthetic leather are the best as they can stand in all kinds of weather conditions. 

The Shoes

For your footwear, keep in mind that this is the most essential gear for any volleyball player. An ill-fitting pair without the right soles can cause injuries down the road. 

Meanwhile, the perfect fit combined with rubber soles and low heels provides optimal motion and traction.

Protective Gear

Another protective gear you need is knee pads. With volleyball, you are bound to dive in order to get the ball before it hits the floor. These pads protect your knees from abrasion and impact. 

Most Important Rules About Volleyball

Make sure to review the rules before you dive in to play. Only six players on each team are allowed on the floor. Each player occupies a specific position that can strengthen their team and implement their strategy.

As a beginner, you should know what position you play best. You can choose whether you can play as a middle blocker, outside hitter, libero, setter, opposite hitter, and defender. 

Each of these volleyball positions has its own skill requirements that can make or break the team.

However, you may not discover the best position for your play style until you have played several times. So, you should make it a point to play and try out every position in order to get a feel of the responsibilities and challenges involved in each one. 

Volleyball Positions

Basically, the middle blocker is in charge of blocking hitters. They are positioned between two hitters: the outside hitter on the left and the opposite hitter on the right. On the back row is the libero for defense, the setter’s second contact and striking, and the defender.

To start the rally, the server serves the ball and a point is scored when the ball goes outside the line or hits an antenna. During the game, you should avoid catching or throwing the ball. Moreover, it is illegal to hit the ball twice in a row

The team who wins the most in a set of three or five wins the game. Usually, the first two sets for three-set matches or four for five-set matches is a race to 25 points and the last is up to 15. 

The Basics of Playing Volleyball
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The rules of volleyball may seem simple, but it requires a lot of skill and finesse, both of which make it a challenging game for volleyball players

If you want to try your hand in volleyball, make sure to keep yourself updated with the rules and train to become a skilled player.


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