Will the 2020 NBA Season Continue?

Everything was put to a halt with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the inevitable lockdown coming with it.

The lockdown included the NBA season being brought to a halt, but will it continue, or will they just start the next season?


If that is the case, a whole season will be lost and there will be no champion. If that does happen, will the Toronto Raptors stay champions?

It May Continue

According to the NBA commissioner Adam Silver, if the season does continue, it will run much later than June. The problem is with the current pandemic, there may be very few fans coming to the games to support their teams.

There are no certain dates set yet on when it may continue, and this might be for another month before we know for sure. If the lockdown is going to be extended, there will be no spectators to attend the games for fan support.

A memo was sent out to the respective teams to urge officials to continue with game plans without the presence of fans. That is if the Coronavirus continues to spread and force an extension on the lockdown to keep the fans at home.

Financial Repercussions

This may have significant consequences on the financial status of the association if there are no fans attending the games. There already is no revenue, and it may have a massive impact on the team’s financials as well as arena financials.

This may also have significant financial drawbacks for the players where they might lose income if there is no revenue.

How Will They Play?

The officials were urged to go on and play necessary games without the presence of fans or the media. This would mean a game will be played with only the most essential staff present at such games if it were to happen.

But this will change the whole picture of the games if there are no fans present or even the media, so the games can be broadcast.

When Will The Season Continue?

According to a letter addressed to NBA fans by Adam Silver, the season will be on hold for at least 30 days. This letter was sent out to the fans on 12 March 2020, and Adam said in the letter the season would continue.

It would continue as soon as the spread of the Coronavirus is under control, and it is safe for the players and the fans alike. Everyone interested in any news regarding the NBA can visit the official website of the NBA for the newest developments.

Very recently, it was announced that some of the team’s practice facilities would be reopened will resume player workouts. This date was set for 8 May as the earliest date for reopening the facilities of the Trail Blazers and the Cavaliers.

Adam Silver also stated that the teams would play at neutral sites to avoid constant traveling and reduce the risks of contracting the virus. This also includes the risks for all the officials and essential personnel, as well as their families and friends.

What Is Going To Happen?

What may happen is that the games will be played without the presence of the fans and be broadcast. But it is not that simple, because it will be expected of the players to put themselves at risk of contracting the virus.

And another thing is that without the spectator’s money at every game, the arenas will not make up the cost of hosting a game. This will be a loss in income, and, in the end, less money for the players.

So who will pay the players and who will pay for the cost of broadcasting all the NBA games so the fans can see the games? This will become quite a problem if the Coronavirus keeps on spreading around the country and the rest of the world.


In the end, it seems like the most obvious solution is to wait and see what happens with the Coronavirus.

And how fast can this pandemic be put to a stop so the NBA season can continue, with enough resting time before the next season starts? All we can do is wait and see and hope.


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