5 Unknown Facts About New York Yankees Baseball

New York Yankees, an American professional baseball team, is one of the most successful and famous franchises in the sports world. They have won 40 American League pennants and 27 World Series titles. The team began its sports career in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1901 competing as the Orioles for two seasons in the American League.

The struggling Baltimore team was then bought by Frank Farrell and Bill Devery who took it to New York in 1903. At first, it was located at Hilltop Park, one of Manhattan’s highest points, hence the name, New York Highlanders. It was often referred to as “Yanks” or “Yankees” by local sportswriters because it was in the American League.


Being the most researched and talked about baseball team, there are a number of facts people don’t know about this team. Discover them in this article below.

5 Unknown Facts About New York Yankees Baseball
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Fact #1

The Yankees are the only team to have won 40 American League pennants in baseball history. Do you want us to get even deeper? Well, even before 1961 when the MLB expanded, the Yankees had beaten all the original National League teams at least once. 

They were 8 National League teams in the World Series. Since the expansion, it is only the Rockies team that has been to any World Series and is yet to face New York. The Brewers and Nationals haven’t been to the Fall Classic as National League teams to date.

Fact #2

In their 115-year history, the Bronx Bombers have come last only four times in their division. Also, since 1994 when the American League extended to three divisions, the Bronx Bombers have yet to finish last. And did you know its called the Bronx Bombers because of its thunderous power-hitting technique and the location of its stadium?

Fact #3

According to the Yankees’ team’s official website, their worst attendance was in 1906. It was their fourth birthday and the Yankees only attracted 35,500 fans to the ballpark. This was humiliating for them and made them finish the season at 90-61. How could such a successful team with huge potential fail to fill up their ballpark?

Fact #4

From 2009-2012, Nick Swisher was a Yanks fan favorite. He often brought a productive bat into the batter’s box and a chill vibe to the clubhouse. With him around, there was no need to worry or be anxious. 

He knew his sport and threw left-handed which earned him an All-Star in 2010. All stars are chosen by fans, managers, and players for starting fielders, pitchers and reserves, respectively.

Sadly though, in 2012, Nick left the Yankees and signed with the Indians. The Yanks were compensated at the end of 2013 MLB’s first round. This left-handed switch hitter won the 2009 World Series against Philadelphia Phillies. Nick was known for his excellent plate discipline which made him hit 20 home runs in each season from 2005-2013.  

To show you how famous Nick was, there is a connotation ‘draft in exchange for Swisher’s Services’ used to date.

5 Unknown Facts About New York Yankees Baseball
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Fact #5

Since 1997 when interleague play began, there is only one National League team, the Phillies which has played against the Yankees in 20 plus games. During all these games, the Yankees have lost more times than they have won; Phillies (13-14). Ironically, the Phillies team has the biggest number of losses in baseball history. They have garnered 10, 837 losses in total.

Last Remark

Even being the most famous baseball franchise, there are still a lot of unknown facts about The Yankees. There is obviously a lot of information on the internet about it, some true and some untrue. One thing that remains for sure is, it is the most successful baseball franchise to date. Given its huge success, it’s the most hated and loved sports franchise today. 


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