Baseball Trivia Every Fan Should Know

Are you a baseball fan? Knowing the facts about the sport can set you apart from other avid fans.

It is said that baseball-related sporting games were first seen in the United States in the 18th century. Cricket and another children’s game, which was brought by early colonialists, bear resemblance to modern baseball. 


In 1845, a group of men from New York started the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club. One of the men, Alexander Joy Cartwright, a bank clerk and volunteer firefighter, coined a new set of rules that formed the basis of modern baseball today. Read on to learn more interesting trivia about the game.

Baseball Trivia Every Fan Should Know

Fact #1

Baseball stars from the American League and the National League had their All-Star game in 1933. Out of the 73 games, the National League has won 40. 

This game ended in ties twice – once in 1961, when rain prevented extra innings and Boston closed at 1-1, and the second time in 2002. 

Fact #2

The first World Series was between Boston and Pittsburgh in 1903. It was a nine-game series and ended up with Boston winning 5-3. 

It was also the first game to be played in Major League Baseball. At the time, Boston was the American League Champion, while Pittsburgh was the National League Champion. 

They played the first three games, as well as the final eight games in Boston, while the next four were played in Pittsburgh, the home of the Pirates

Fact #3

The New York Yankees, also called the Yanks or Bronx Bombers, garnered 26 World Series titles. This makes it the most successful and famous franchise in the world of baseball

It became successful because of its talented and swift players like right fielder Mickey Mantle and left fielder Nick Swisher. 

Mickey Mantle holds the World Series history of career home runs record of 40 RBI and 18 home runs.

Fact #4

In 2011, baseball made a record of attracting the least number of fans in a baseball stadium. This happened at the time when the Cincinnati Reds were playing the Florida Marlins, and only 347 people attended, thanks to Hurricane Irene. 

However, with the low fan turnout, the players played with too much devotion, and the game ended with Cincinnati winning 3-2. This is just one of many moments that went down in history.

Fact #5

Baseball Trivia Every Fan Should Know
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Fenway Park is the oldest baseball park in use. It is the home of the Boston Red Sox and debuted in 1912. 

This oldest active baseball park is located in Boston, Massachusetts and has been the only Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise since 1953. 

Fenway Park was first built in 1912 and was upgraded in 1934, and it has been expanded and renovated a number of times since because of its age and constrained location.

Fact #6

If you enjoy playing baseball with your kids or family, then this fact will put a smile on your face. 

Ken Griffey Jr. and Ken Griffey Sr. are the first son and father duo to play in the major leagues. They played in the Seattle Mariners as teammates in 1990. 

The famous father-son duo came back on September 14, 1990 and hit back-to-back home runs, creating another father-son baseball record.


Baseball has interested Americans for centuries now. Many of us remember watching childhood baseball movies, while others have memories of our dads and uncles coaching Little League. 

One thing to note about baseball fans is their amazing ability to keep track of the facts and statistics. Hopefully, this article taught you a thing or two that you didn’t already know about the sport. 


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