5 Unknown Things About Being a Student Athlete

Just like the name suggests, Student athletes are students who enroll to college as an athlete.

They are highly skilled sportspeople who are usually chosen to study and train at a specific college. Some student athletes are also accepted onto a scholarship program.


If you are interested in finding out more, we will take a look at some of the unknown facts about student athletes.

5 Unknown Things About Being a Student Athlete

Not All Student Athletes Get Scholarships

There is a wide misconception that student athletes all receive scholarships in order to pay for their college education.

Though it may come as a surprise, this is certainly not the case. In fact, it is very difficult to receive a scholarship as an athlete.

For example, out of 250,000 high school basketball players each year, only 12,000 of these will receive a scholarship with a college. This means that the odds of getting a scholarship is very low.

Of course, there are many other ways of funding your studies. If you are unsuccessful in getting a scholarship as an athlete, there may be other ways to receive financial support in order to go to college.

You Can’t Get an Internship

If you hope to go to college as a student athlete and get an internship in your chosen field of study, you may want to think again.

As an athlete, you will be pushed to the limit when it comes to time. Most students will have around 30 hours of classes plus assignments.

A student athlete will also have to do at least 20 hours of training and competitions, on top of the 30 hours of classes.

This, as you can imagine, could have a huge strain both mentally and physically on your body. It will also prevent you from taking part in internships and other part-time jobs.

You May Become a Pro

Believe it or not but some of the best professionals started out as college athletes.

Although the odds are fairly low (1 in 25), being an athlete at college is certainly a good stepping stone to becoming a professional.

If you are in a basketball or football team, it could mean that only one of you will be scouted by a professional coach. It could also mean that nobody from your team makes it.

On the upside, many coaches and professional teams will visit your college to find the freshest talent. This means that you will have lots of opportunities if you wish to become a pro athlete.

Entry Requirements

You may be the fastest on the track, but you also need to meet academic requirements in order to become a student athlete.

The NCCA has strict entry requirements for any aspiring athlete. Be sure to do your research and find out which grades you will need in order to be accepted.

You Can’t Have an Agent

Just like entry requirements, the NCCA has strict rules when it comes to agents too. Agents can help protect you from extra training hours at college.

These rules state that you cannot have an agent as a student athlete.

Parents are allowed to act as unofficial advocates in order to protect your best interests as a student athlete.

5 Unknown Things About Being a Student Athlete

Bottom Line

Being a student athlete is certainly not easy but you can become more prepared by doing some research before applying to your chosen college. Just remember that, as a student athlete, you will work long hours both studying and training.

This may prevent you from earning money through jobs or internships. If you ever feel stressed as a student athlete, be sure to find out what support your college can offer. There are many perks too, including the possibility of becoming a pro in the future.


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