Learn How To Do Chest Exercises at Home

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t do your chest exercises at home. Sure, you might be missing your machines at the gym, but that’s no excuse for not staying ripped. There are tons of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Your chest muscles are the most powerful part of your upper body. They also play one of the most vital roles when doing pushing movements lifting heavy things. It is therefore important to include chest exercises in your training routine.


The classic push-ups are the go-to exercises for most people, but there are plenty of others you can do, and we will help you with that. The exercises we will be talking about are perfect for people who want to stay fit even while at home.

Learn How To Do Chest Exercises at Home

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Chest Exercises At Home With Dumbbells

The following chest workouts can be done at home and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. If you add more weight to the dumbbells, you will be able to do a wide range of other chest workouts such as the chest flies and the chest press.

However, if this is new to you, start with very light weights, and keep adding as you master the technique. If you are feeling a little confident, you can increase the weights such that the last 3 or 4 are a little hard to execute.

So, just like push-ups, it is important to keep varying the position of your body while doing these exercises, so you can target different muscles in your body. Here’s how you can do this;

The Regular Chest Press

For you to do this exercise, lie flat on your bench. Hold the dumbbells with your hands, and stretch your arms over your shoulders. They should be shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

Try and inhale, then descend slowly until your elbows and the floor are parallel to each other at a 90°angle. Finally, push the weights back up and exhale as you return back to the starting position.

The Incline Chest Press

While lying on the bench in an incline position and with the dumbbells on both hands, lift them up at shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms and rotate your wrists so your palms are facing each other.

Try and stay in control of the weights at all times and then slowly lower them while inhaling. Finally, push the dumbbells apart and upwards with the help of your chest, and then finish the exercise. You can do it a couple more times.

The Decline Chest Press

For you to do this exercise, secure your legs at a decline bench, and then lie down with dumbbells on each hand. After lying down, move the dumbbells way above your shoulders, and ensure that your palms are facing each other.

You should then lower the weights very slowly until you have your elbows lying parallel on the floor. Finish off by bringing the dumbbells back and exhale.

The Chest Fly

Lie down on the bench flat with a dumbbell on each hand, and ensure that the palms are facing each other. Then, extend the arms far above your chest and ensure that they are shoulder-width apart from each other.

Keep your elbows as flexible as possible and do not lock them together. Lower your arms on both sides making a wide arc until you can feel a stretch on your chest. Bring back the dumbbells and keep in mind that you should keep the movements going.

Push-up Chest Exercises At Home

Well, as much as there are plenty of other ways to exercise your chest, we cannot finish this review without talking about them. Here are a few ideas to up your regular push-up routine.

The Incline Push-ups

If you are finding the standard push-ups a little bit challenging, then you can try the incline. You need to have a steep one because the steeper it is, the less the body weight needed to push. This exercise is also great for your lower chest.

The Decline Push-up

This is great if you are targeting your deltoid muscles and upper chest. It will help add more bodyweight to the exercise and this makes it harder.

The Plyometric Push-up

If you are looking for some explosive action, then this is the right exercise for you. It is easy to execute and can be done in a fun way. Just think of the clap push-ups. This will burst your plyometric movement with your muscles feeling like they are firing on cylinders.

Learn How To Do Chest Exercises at Home
Image Source: Wikipedia.org.

Chest Exercises At Home Conclusion

Keeping your body moving even under lockdown is essential to remain fit and healthy. These simple exercises are great for your chest, but you can combine them with a few others to ensure you are exercising your whole body.


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