Studio SWEAT on Demand: How To Get The Workout Service

If you want to take our fitness to the next level, then Studio SWEAT on Demand is what you need. They put you through some serious paces that you can’t find in your local gym. Founded by Cat Kom, in 2010, it was created for people who love working up a sweat.

Today, you probably know it by its vigorous spin workouts among others. They actually have a wide range of workout classes that include all sorts of exercises such as HIIT, Bootcamp, Yoga, Trix, etc. Using them means you shall get an all-rounded fitness routine.


Their company website actually stands out for their fitness content and competitions. They use real instructors and participants, who are not actors, and their workouts are the real thing. It almost feels like you are right in the gym.

Studio SWEAT on Demand: How To Get The Workout Service
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How Does Studio Sweat on Deman Work?

You must subscribe to have full access to their workout videos. You get to choose from hundreds upon hundreds of classes that they add each week. It’s actually possible to use their service from your phone by downloading their app.

Once you commit to a paid membership, they give you limited access to a seven-day trial run that is free, and this enables you to have a look and sample what they have on offer in every category. You do not need to pay for this.

They do occasionally offer live classes so you can stream and workout with them in real-time. If you are wondering about their schedule, you can have a look at that on their Facebook page, which is always updated to ensure that you do not miss a single real-time class.

What Are Their Classes Like?

They currently have a wide range of fitness classes for their subscribers, and they should because you are paying for their services. You can also choose to combine multiple workout exercises to fully maximize your efforts.

For example, you can choose to do half Bootcamp, and half spinning. Here’s what you should expect on their site.


Studio SWEAT on Demand has a wide range of spin classes for everyone, from beginners to people who are advanced riders. They last from under 10 minutes to more than 90, depending on how much you can handle.

The workouts are done on any type of bike that you may have at home, although the instructors use the Precor Spinner bikes. The company sells these as a package deal on their site in case you are interested in buying a bike as well.

Abs and Core exercises

They offer exercises in the Abs and Core category that helps tone your stomach and can last from four minutes to 30 minutes. You shall need a matt to lie on and some medium-weight dumbbells for some of these exercises.


With Pilate exercises, you get to use some moves that can tone your abdominal muscles, improve your body strength, and improve your flexibility. All of these are done on a yoga mat, so ensure you have one before you start.


These focus mostly on fat-burning and toning. The company’s Barre-inspired workouts are designed to ensure your muscles are fatigued so you can develop a dancer’s kind of physique.


They have full-body workouts that are designed to help burn those calories and build up your muscles through various reps and bodyweight moves. You shall use some heavy as well as medium-weight dumbbells for this.

Body sculpt

This shall keep your heart rate up when doing these exercises, and using resistance bands and dumbbells helps even more.


If you love yoga, then log on to Studio SWEAT on Demand and relax your body and mind with their wide range of yoga classes that are designed for everyone. They include Vinyasa and Meditation session flows.  You shall need to have a yoga mat for this.

Stretch and restore

If you wish to relax after the intense workouts, then take one of their stretching classes so you can soothe your sore muscles and help you recover even faster. There are plenty of sessions that focus on loosening your sore muscles if they are tight.


These are classes that completely rely on the TRX straps to give you the cardio workout of your life. They also target your muscles in new and interesting ways. For excellent results, you need to have both a set of medium and a set of heavy dumbbells.

How Much Does It Cost?

To access all of the Studio SWEAT onDemand content, you need to spend at least $19.88 each month. You can take advantage of their savings plan by signing up for their 6-month plan.

The 6-month plan costs you $99.28 which is a $20 saving, or their full-year plan of $188.56, which shall save you around $50.

Studio SWEAT on Demand: How To Get The Workout Service
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Studio Sweat on Demand Conclusion

It’s great to have a portal where you can access all the exercises you need to stay healthy. The worst thing about exercising is doing something that bores you, but with Studio SWEAT on Demand, you have a ton of activities to choose from so you can stay fit and happy.


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