7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers

What is that single element of fashion that completes your style? Well, if you chose shoes, you chose them correctly. They have a way of telling people who you are just by how you dress. It is the difference between the right style and a bland one.

A particularly excellent type of footwear is sport sneakers. They are not specifically used for sports alone, as they go quite well for other occasions. This article talks about 7 of the best sport sneakers brands you can find. 


Let’s unravel the best sneaker brands:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • New Balance
  • Asics
  • Vans
  • Fila
7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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If a contest were to be drawn by all the best sport sneakers in the world, it would not be a surprise if Nike comes hitting that bulls-eye every single time. Famous for footwear and sports accessories, apparel, and other equipment, they have become a worldwide trusted brand.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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The name “Nike” was derived from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and they have been victorious as a company. Nike also markets its products under other brands it owns like Air Jordan, Nike Pro, Air Max, Nike Dunk, Nike+, among other brands.

For a company that their first product was track running shoes, diversifying into areas including fashion was a considerable feat. They currently produce shoes for a wide range of sports like skateboarding, cricket, tennis, golf, volleyball, and basketball.

What Makes them Stand Out? 

They have great technology, and they apply that to give their users the best performance in their sport sneakers. Talk about a great cushion, lightweight materials, long-lasting shoes, innovation, and unique style – they have it all. They do it so well, making them gain trust and popularity for over 57 years they have been operating for.

You would think that would be the only reason that they became famous. They also teamed up with lots of the best athletes (most common would be Mike Jordan) and celebrities over time. That alone gave them another good edge.

Their most popular sneaker in this brand would be the Nike Air Force 1 Low. Other bests would include the Nike Air Max 97, the Nike Revolution 5, and the Jordan 13 Retro. It would be wrong not to mention Nike Air Max 270 and Jordan 13 Retro among the top.


If any sports brand would attempt to compete with the king, Nike, it would be Adidas. These two brands have become a topic of comparison among sneakerheads as to which brand is better. For a brand to compete with the grandmaster, they sure are doing some things right.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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It is quite funny these two—Nike company started15 years after the Adidas company, founded in 1949. Nike overtook the whole market and Adidas, but recent decades proves that Adidas is coming back with a full storm.

Adidas products also range from apparel, sports accessories, and sport sneakers. They include their high technology, innovation, response to users-need, and comfort to their products. They provide apparel, equipment, and footwear to lots of sport types like lacrosse, football, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics, tennis, and golf.

What Makes them Stand Out? 

Adidas is excellent in providing and responding to customer needs. They rely greatly on data analysis, customer reviews, and social interaction to ensure that their user needs are met. When you keep giving people exactly what they want, they will love you. That was a great strategy Adidas played so well to gain fan’s trust.

It was not just by giving users what they want, of course. Their products come with excellent design, innovation, and comfort. They have also delivered great products to a wide variety of sports and have become the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturer.

You might have guessed they have teamed up with popular stars and sport athletes to promote their brand. They also own other brands, including the popularly known Reebok, and are partners with Yeezy. Popular sneakers from Adidas are the Adidas NMD, Adidas Ultra Boost, and Adidas Futurecraft 4D. Other famous ones include the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, Adidas Stan Smith, and Adidas Superstar.


Next in line after those rivals comes Puma. Offering a wide range of sports shoes, sports accessories, and apparel, Puma, is a renowned Sport sneakers brand. They provide various products for different sports such as football, basketball, running, motorsports, and lots more.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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It sponsors many clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City F.C, and AC Milan. It also sponsors sports icons and stars past and present, like Rihanna, Neymar, Usain Bolt, Pele, Luis Suárez, Diego Maradona, and Griezmann.

What Makes them Stand Out? 

They offer good quality, trendy, and good value for money products. They are also popular as they introduced their shoes into the sports industry early on, teaming up with great stars in football, basketball, and track.

Usain bolt’s endorsement of over 18 years was another selling point since “the fastest man on earth” was wearing shoes from their brand. In all, their great products, design, and style, as well as the endorsements from stars and teams, rose Puma to fame.

The astonishing kicks from Puma would include Puma Suede Classic +, Puma GV Special+, and Puma Heritage Basket Classic. Other classics include Puma Roma Classic Gum and PUMA Speedcat OG Sparco Motorsport Shoes.

New Balance

In terms of comfort, New Balance should be your go-to sneakers. They offer the highest cushion in their sneakers and are good for long usage.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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There must be a reason it is called “New Balance,” don’t you think? New Balance sneakers are best known for the comfort they bring to their wearer’s feet. They are made with excellent cushions, the ability to absorb shock, and a thick midsole. 

What Makes them Stand Out? 

This makes them comfortable and stable to use for a large number of sports. One particular sneaker that must be immediately mentioned is the New Balance 990v4. 

This sneaker has become so popular because of its style, simplicity, and comfort. It goes well with different occasions and has a cool style.

Other common sneakers include the New Balance 992 Multicolor, New Balance 754 Classic Grey, New Balance 998 Moby Dick.


Looking for sneakers with versatility, comfort, shock absorption, and great balance? New Balance and Asics compete in these areas as they offer all these features. They manufacture footwear, different types of apparel, and sport accessories.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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Asics are most known for their running shoes. Arguably, this brand produces the best running shoes outperforming brands like Nike and Adidas. 

What Makes them Stand Out? 

Their running shoes have great durability, are high quality, and are cheaper compared to other popular brands.

Their footwear balances properly with different foot sizes and shapes. The inner fittings and cushions stabilize your feet, and the ability to last longer on hard surfaces makes it a top choice for runners.

The most popular Asics sneakers include the Asics Gel Nimbus 22, Asics Gel-Pulse 11, and the Asics Gel Quantum 90. Others include the Asics Gel-Cumulus 22, Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 12, Asics Gel-Kayano 27, and the Asics GT-2000 9.


The fact that Vans revolutionized old-school sneakers and made it a hot topic among sneakerheads would always leave people wondering. Their style is cool, their shoes are affordable, and they fit all kinds of dresses and occasions. Well, that might be hyped, but they outdo in their style in a good way.

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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Vans are most popular for their skateboarding shoes and old-school shoes. Their unique retro styles give them that edge over their competitors. 

What Makes them Stand Out? 

They found a way of combining style, uniqueness, and fashion in their products. They are among the best-selling sneakers company in the world as well as among the largest producers.

An old-time classic and possibly the most famous and best vans sneakers are the Vans Old Skool “Black/White.” Other amazing sneakers from this brand are the Vans Sk8-Hi “Black/White.” Vans Classic Slip-On “Checkerboard,” and the Vans Comfycush Era “Marshmallow.”


Popular in the tennis sports sector, a worthy mention for amazing sportswear sneakers is Fila. They produce good quality products (this has been mentioned a hundred times in this article because the brands listed are top-notch), ranging from tennis gear, sneakers, and sportswear. 

7 Best Brands to Invest in for Sports Sneakers
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Their sneakers are more inclined to fashion than they are to the sport.

What Makes them Stand Out? 

A good amount of Fila’s success is due to the team up with stars and ambassadors that promote the brand. A good example is Rihanna, who, upon becoming an ambassador, changed how people looked at this brand and made a huge comeback for the company.

Price is another large factor. They offer a way lower price than most of their competitors for a company that produces great quality shoes. That makes them a go-to if users want quality and cheap and not name.

Hold up, and try out the Fila F-13 sneakers. A fine blend of quality, class, and style. Other greats from this brand are the Fila Original Lea Classic, the Fila Disruptor 2, and the Fila Memory Workshift.


Have you considered including footwear to be a huge part of your style to invest in? If you have not, what is stopping you? 

Check out these sports sneakers by the famous brands in this article to add to your wardrobe and shine in style and quality.


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