Which Cities Are The Best For Hockey Lovers?

True hockey lovers will sit in below-freezing temperatures to watch the sport, but some cities make hockey-watching a lot more fun and comfortable. Ice hockey, or simply hockey, is a popular sport in the US, but not as popular as football and basketball. It started in 1894 when the first rink was built in Baltimore.

Today, there are hockey teams all around the US, but there are definitely some cities that show hockey a lot more love than others. It has recently become very popular, mostly due to the creation of the National Hockey League (NHL) that manages all international hockey competitions, and although other sports tend to dominate TV and fans, it is still a beloved sport with its own loyal fans.


Nearly all NHL cities have passionate people who love hockey. But the super passionate fans are in the colder cities of Minneapolis, Boston, and Detroit. These are some of the cities we shall be talking about in this review. Let’s get started.

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Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hockey is literally in the blood of Minnesota residents. It is a big part of their lives just as it is for Canadians. During the winter months, People in Minnesota, or Minnesotans, spend a lot of time skating and playing hockey.  The high school finals for the state are some of the hugest events and the residents never miss them. College hockey is also huge in Minnesota, and this was created by Ice Coach Herb Brooks who had previously perfected his technique while working at the University of Minnesota.


This city actually dubbed itself as “The Hockey Town,” as a marketing ploy a long time ago, and the name seems to fit perfectly. Their Red Wings team have had a loyal and passionate fan base, for a long time, and are among the most ideal team in the NHL. By far, they are the best of the six original American based teams.

They, however, had a long dry spell in the 70s through to the 80s but their fans continued to support them through it all. They then matured in the 90s and started to bring in some championship trophies. There are only a few cities that appreciated the championship wins as much as Detroit.


The people of Boston are extremely supportive of their sports teams, and they usually do this with passion, but the Bruins and Red Sox fans are some of the best and they sit at the top of the ladder. Perhaps because the greatest hitter of all-time played for the Red Sox, and the greatest player of all time skated for the Bruins.

The Orr team, however, that composed of Gerry Cheevers, Phil Esposito, and Derek Sanderson transformed hockey into the popular sport it is today. In fact, it is beloved with a near-religious fervor for most people. Fans passionately follow the bruins, but they also love their high school and college hockey games as well. The Bruins did win the Stanley Cup in 2011, and this broke an almost 39-year drought.


In 1967, Ed Snider fought a huge battle when he decided to expand the NHL team in Philly. He was faced with all sorts of predictions and criticisms such as; no one would ever support the hockey team, but he decided that the city did indeed deserve a team and the fans would support them after all.

The fans not only supported the team, but they also made it their own and developed a great passion for the Flyers that has never waned till today.  The team then won the Stanley cup in 1974 and also 1975. The team was rough and dominated the team with their skill. The fans are still waiting for them to do it again soon.

New York City

With some of the most exciting restaurants and a scintillating nightlife, New York is perhaps the busiest city in the whole world. It cannot be defined by just one passion when it comes to sports since New Yorkers love their Mets, Yankees, and Knicks. Hockey is also one of its greatest achievements and the New York Rangers are a totally beloved team and have one of the most passionate fans in the whole of the US.

The Rangers have actually been selling out Madison Square Garden for many years, and the fans are eagerly waiting for them to win a championship. They haven’t won one in a long time, and the last time they won in 1994, grown men could be seen openly weeping from joy. This is because the win hadn’t been anticipated and New Yorkers never thought they would see it in their lifetime. It was the most joyous and most celebrated moment in the history of the game in New York. The Rangers became heroes.

Cities For Hockey Lovers
Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Cities For Hockey Lovers Conclusion

Hockey is fun to just play even when you are not competing because it is done on ice. If you are a skater, you can go a notch higher and learn how to enjoy this great game. The above cities, however, are some of the best places for hockey lovers to visit, and get to see firsthand how crazy the fans can be.


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