2020’s NHL Standings – How To Stay Up To Date

Every hockey fan wants their team to be sitting on top of the NHL standings every week, a drop in rank can really hurt hearts. But with 31 teams across North America playing 82 games a season, staying on top is no easy feat.

Rankings can change within a night and if you’re a true hockey head, you want to be the first to know what’s up. Today, you’ve got a ton of sports channels spewing out sports information all day, but they just can’t keep up on everything NHL.


That’s why the best way to stay on top of things is to find out from the horse’s mouth or in this case the NHL’s website. This site is all hockey, all day and all night. So if you want that up-to-the-minute information on NHL standings, the site is where it’s at.

2020's NHL Standings: How To Stay Up To Date
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Current NHL Standings

The NHL 2020 season is currently on pause as a result of the recent health crisis. However, the NHL standings to-date are as follows.

  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Louis Blues
  3. Colorado Avalanche
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning
  5. Washington Capitals

Those are the top 5 teams right now in the NHL. The site, however, gives you more than just the standings, you will find the following additional information when you log in to the site.

NHL News

Expect to be up to date on all news about the NHL, analysis, and insights. The news analysis is provided from various sources such as;

The NHL Insider- this one is for all the breaking NHL news on the teams and how they perform on the field. If you happened to miss a game, there shall be no worries as the insider has got all the highlights, and game statistics.

Trades and transactions – now wouldn’t you want to know exactly what is happening with the players? Whose leaving what team, who was traded, who did what, etc. this is what the trades and transactions page is all about. Keeping you up to date on everything.

Fantasy hockey – yes, there is a fantasy hockey team that you can create and design by yourself. Isn’t that just so much fun? You get to choose the players to feature on your team, and just have fun with your friends.

Other sections on the news portion of the website include the following.

The NHL Spotlight

This part of the site highlights what is happening off the rink. Dubbed  “Hockey is for everyone,” you get to read about all the great things happening in local hockey communities.

This section helps to use hockey as a tool to foster positive social change and inclusiveness within communities. The section highlights coaches, fans, and players who bring the passion and energy of the rink into other endeavors.

This space is designed to be inclusive so only positive posting and commenting allowed.

The Stats Section

Here you can find all the answers to your questions about your favorite players. The stats section provides information on points, goals, and assists. The beauty of this is that you get to travel back in time and find out just how great your favorite player really is.

Additionally, you get information like the best players each season, the best players per game, and the best hockey players of all time. And if your favorite player is a goaltender, you also get their stats on saves and more too.

The Schedule

Here you can find schedules for games so you can plan ahead for your next big NHL party. Included in the schedule is information on the All-star Games, the Winter Classics, the Stadium Series, the Heritage Classic, the Global Series among others.

Additionally, the spotlight page gives you the regular-season schedule. And for history buffs, you also can find out what happened in the NHL in the past like awards won and drafts.

How To Stay On Top Of The NHL Standings
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The NHL Shop

This is definitely the fan favorite portion of the site. It is the official shop, where you can place your orders for NHL jerseys, hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts, caps, pucks and other types of souvenirs you have always wanted to support your favorite team.

There is a wide range of products from all the teams like the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings and a ton of others. It’s the perfect place to snag your dream jersey for the next Stanley Cup finals.

You can even make your own jersey designs with your names and whichever team you prefer. And whether it’s for you or the big hockey fan in your life, you can also score some sweet memorabilia. 

Stay Up To Date On NHL Standings Conclusion

So basically what we’re saying here is that if you want to really be the first to know about what’s up in the NHL. You need to follow NHL.com. Sure you can tune into your nightly TSN cast, but they just can’t be as up to date as the site that represents the NHL. 


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