How to Play Field Hockey For Beginners

If you want to learn a new sport and love action, field hockey might be for you. Field Hockey is an extremely satisfying game. Nothing feels as good as whacking a small hard ball across a large field with a hockey stick. You also get to flick the ball, dribble it, and even roll it, plus much, much, more.

In order to start playing, however, you will need to have the basic gear such as a stick, and a hard mouth guard. Being in the field is both exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. There are very many skills that a hockey player should possess such as knowing where to start and where to stop.


In this review, we look at the basics of learning how to play field hockey. This is sort of a beginner’s guide that will show you what you need to know before you even get into a field hockey field, starting with the equipment you must buy, and the five most important skills you need to possess in order to play field hockey in the right way.

What You Need To Know To Start Field Hockey

Getting into field hockey is a lot less expensive than other sports. You need some basic equipment and you’re all set to get into the action. Below we’ve outlined some key things you need before you begin your field hockey career.

Get yourself a hockey stick and a field hockey ball

This is the first step, you must have the right equipment in order to play the sport. Shop around and find the stick that feels most comfortable in your hands. A good stick will come up to your hip when you hold it flat against the ground. Keep playing around with the stick and take some time to push it around a small surface.

The average weight of the stick should around 21oz or 600g. Most players who play in the forward position tend to choose lighter sticks because they are easy to maneuver. Some also carry 2 sticks just in case they play a different position. Each stick usually has a round side and a flat side. The flat side is the one you shall use to strike the ball. The field hockey ball is usually made of plastic and about the same size as a golf ball.

Purchase a mouth guard, shin guards, and goggles

These are the most important tools you shall have when playing field hockey as they help to protect you. The shin guards are similar to soccer shin guards and they offer protection around the ankle. You should wear socks under then in order to be more comfortable. The mouth guards usually feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but you shall get used to them as they help protect your teeth. Goggles are used to protect you from high sticks and flying balls. They also protect the sides of your face.

All of this gear is available online at most stores. If you have a soccer shin, you can use them initially as you learn the game, but later on, you must buy the right field hockey shins. Goalies usually wear lightweight leg and arm pads and a caged helmet as well.

What Aret The Five Most Important Skills Of Field Hockey

First touch

It is essential that you have a great first touch and be able to move the ball where there is space. A good example of someone having a good touch is when you are able to receive and move the ball in all directions, right or left and this creates space between you and the defender. It also gives you time to scan the field well and identify the next move. In order to work on having a good touch, you should work on receiving balls from all angles.


Leading is a great skill to possess when you are trying to get a good field position. It helps you understand the player who has the ball and also anticipate where the ball shall go. It also gives you a better chance of winning on the field.


It doesn’t matter what position you play, having an accurate pass can help you in many ways, such as scoring a goal. You should work on different passing styles that are common during a game.


You must have a powerful hit in order to pay field hockey well. There are many factors that go into being a powerful hitter, such as the accuracy of hitting the ball on the head. It is important that when you hit the ball, ensure that your hips rotate and your weight is transferred forward. Your head should be directly on top of the gall. This will help your hit to be powerful and accurate.

Flat stick tackle

You should have a clean flat stick tackle on the field. When you commit too early on a tackle you may end up with a bad tackle, which can cause you to injure yourself. Learn to be patient, and always wait for the right moment so you can keep the stick down to make a clean tackle.

What You Need To Know About Field Hockey Conclusion

We hope that these points help you with your field hockey game. The key to being good at anything is constant practice. Practice each day to become better and better. Before you know it, you might just be able to dominate the floor and more.


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