How to Watch Water Polo on Your Smartphone

Water polo is a highly competitive sport that is usually played in the water between two teams. It consists of four quarters per game, and each of the two teams tries to score goals by throwing balls on the opposing team’s goal. The team that has the most goals at the end of the game usually wins the match.

The game uses some special equipment, such as a water polo ball that floats on the water, plus the players must have colored caps. The goals usually either float on the water, or they can be attached to the side of the pool.


Water Polo was created in Scotland as a form of water rugby, and if you are wondering how you can catch all of the action live on your smartphone, then you are at the right website. In this review, we look at some of the best apps that can help you watch water polo live from your mobile device.

Water Polo

Live NetTV

This is one of the most popular apps that shows live sports, among other things. You can stream any game from your Android or iOS smartphone. There are more than 700 channels on the app that you can choose from, and there are also thousands of games being played live that you can watch and enjoy from any location.

Show Sport TV

This is an app that is solely dedicated to sports. You can enjoy your favorite games on any device you have by simply downloading the app. It has some tailored channels from around the globe showing live games, but there is also a web version of the app that you can use, although it has some very annoying ads.


This is one of the most popular live game apps on Android. It is a one-stop destination for all of your sporting needs, which includes water polo games. You can also watch movies, music, and other entertaining videos that you might wish to watch.

It is a free app that is available in over 10 different languages and can be accessed in more than 30 countries. It gives you a wide array of content that you can choose from. Its interface is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. You do not need to have a login account, either, in order to access the content, and you can download the app from a Google Play store or iOS device.

Sony LIV

This app was designed by Sony as the ultimate sports channel for watching live games on your Android smartphone. It also has broadcasting rights to show live games from other premier sporting channels, and here you can watch rugby, water polo, football, MMA, racing, etc.

It is a free app, and you do not need to have a subscription, but there is usually a trick. All of the games are delayed by five minutes when you use it without any subscription. This is of course not a bad deal when you do not have any other options to watch a live game.

Sports Angel

Sports Angel is the best destination for streaming live sports. You can watch water polo, racing, basketball, cricket, etc. The app allows you to watch only the top-class sports from North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. It is a free app that contains ads. It has an excellent interface with very simple navigation. You can also choose the resolution you wish to use and enjoy the sports at your comfort.

The app can also be installed on your Android TV or Fire TV, and you’ll get to enjoy the games on the big screen. Among some of its benefits are a low rate of buffering, a free account where sign-up is not required to watch your favorite sports, a high-quality resolution that is HD, and a simple, easy to use and navigable interface.

Genius Stream or Live Sports Streaming

Genius Stream or Live Sports Streaming app is for Android devices, and it allows you to watch live sports, such as water polo, rugby, etc. You can also watch movies, live TV, and entertainment from the US and the UK. Almost all of the channels are in HD, and you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, either on your big screen TV or on your Android device.

The app can be used by multiple people at the same time, you get to watch free live American or UK TV without necessarily having any subscription, you can choose from over 10 countries’ sports, it works smoothly with your Wi-Fi network, no registration or membership is required, it supports HD quality, and it has a simple user-interface with an easy to use navigation system.


If you are a big fan of water polo, then you are now covered with apps that can help you watch your favorite sport on your smartphone.


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