Introduce Kids to Sports with Backyard Baseball

It is said that the language of sports is the only language that most of the world can relate to and understand. That’s why some of the most popular video games to date are of the sports genre. Many sports genre games are created to entice kids into loving specific games.

One game that certainly fits this bill is Backyard Baseball. The game is designed to introduce as well as entice kids into the sport. It’s designed in a way that feels like you are actually taking part in a real baseball game.


If you’d like to get your kids into baseball, this is a great choice. To learn more about the game and why you should get it, you definitely need to read on. Info on how to download the game can also be found here.

Introduce Kids to Sports with Backyard Baseball
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Online Backyard Baseball

When Humongous Entertainment developed this game, they probably never thought that it would have the kind of effect that it has today. The game actually started out with around 30 neighboring kids in 1997 and has grown over the years. You, as the player, take a managerial position in a team.

The player needs to ensure that the team is in the right mood and that everything checks out for them. Throughout the season, you need to ensure that your team remains consistent and up to the task. 

A season generally has between 14 – 32 players in total and they vary with each season. You have to choose which season you want to take part in. 

Access Backyard Baseball

You can get this game across a number of platforms, including game consoles. The game was first available on PCs alone when it started in October 1997. 

Today, you can access the game on your PS2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, iOS, Xbox 360, Game Boy, and Wii

For consoles, you have to buy the’ DVD to be able to play the game. For your iOS device, however, you can download the game on your device.

How to Download for iOS

To download the game on your iOS device, you need to go to the device’s App Store. There, you can search for the game and install it on your phone. 

Ensure that all terms and conditions are read thoroughly before you download the app. 

For Windows and Mac computers, you can also download the game as opposed to finding the DVD. You just need to search for the game on the web or visit the Humongous Entertainment website to find out more about how you can download it. 

Bring the Game to Reality

One great thing about Backyard Baseball is that it gives you the idea that you can follow the game into real life as well. As opposed to just having a digital format of the game, you can set up your own game at home. All you need is enough space.

To set up a 1000 square foot space, you will need anything from $90 to $200 if you do it yourself. The other cost that you’ll incur is for grass on your field, which will cost around $2 per square foot.

If you want to hire a professional for the grass work, it will cost around $50 per hour.

Introduce Kids to Sports with Backyard Baseball


Some of the games we have today are tailored to ensure that you feel like you’re taking part in the game.

With this game, you can encourage the kids to learn and enjoy baseball. By playing digitally, your children may feel inspired to play it at home or join a local team.


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