The Most Popular Sports in the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is held every four years. Unlike other Olympic sports, the Winter Olympics are usually on ice and snow. During this time, you are likely to watch a wide range of sports. 

The Winter Olympics offers a selection of rare sports including bobsleighing and curling. There are also plenty of popular sporting activities including skiing, snow boarding, and ice skating. 


Competitors from around the world take part in the Winter Olympics to win either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. There are both individual and team events. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics.

The Most Popular Sports in the Winter Olympics

Figure Skating

This sport was ranked the most popular Winter Olympic sport. It is also a popular sport to watch on television as viewers get a close up view of all the movements.

In this sport, ice skaters compete individually or in pairs. They can create freestyle movements of spins, jumps, footwork, and lifts. There are different kinds of figure skating, including pairs, freestyle, ice dancing, and synchronized team skating.

Ice Hockey

This is also one of the most researched games during the Winter Olympics. It is very exciting to watch this sport in a live stadium environment. 

It is a contact team sport that is played on an ice rink. In Ice Hockey, two teams of skaters shoot a vulcanized rubber puck using the sticks that they have. The aim is to shoot the puck into the opponent’s net and score goals.


Snowboarding is also amongst the most popular Winter Olympic sports. It involves boards where players have their feet secured onto the same board and ride down a mountain.

These boards are wider than skis and can glide on the snow. Usually, their width is between 15 to 30 centimeters, or 6 to 12 inches.

Commercial snowboarders wear special boots and bindings that secure their feet on the snowboard.

Speed Skating

Speed skating is a competitive ice skating form in which the competitors race against each others while traveling a certain distance. It is another fast paced, energetic sport that will have you on the edge of your seats.

There are different types of speed skating, including short track speed skating, marathon speed skating, and long track speed skating. This sport is mostly played in Norway, South Korea, and the Netherlands.

Freestyle Skiing

Skiing is easily one of the most popular sports in the world. Loved by many, skiing is a challenging sport that can be enjoyed by beginners, families, and professionals alike.

Freestyle skiing is a type of discipline that comprises moguls, aerials, the halfpipe, cross, big air, and slopestyle as part of the Winter Olympics. The game can consist of skiers sliding boxes and rails on their skis, as well as performing spins and aerial flips.

However, it’s a risky game that gets many athletes hurt. Approximately half of the aerial skiers have reported injuries in the course of the sport.

The Most Popular Sports in the Winter Olympics
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The Winter Olympics are an exciting event that takes place every four years. The event includes a wide range of sporting activities from skiing to curling. It can be watched on TV from anywhere around the world.

When the games are on, most sports lovers will be glued to the internet and television. It is suitable to adults and children of all ages. 

You can search for your favorite athletes and check how they are faring online. It’s a great time to catch your favorite sports and athletes on your television as you sip away on your hot drink.


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