5 Best Apps for Live Basketball Scores

Ever wondered how many games there are in the basketball season? Keeping track of live basketball scores is a chore. It’s an eye-watering 1230 – 82 for each team. That’s without even looking at the postseason, with many more games. It’s an electrifying game with constant action and some big scores – but that can make it even harder to follow.

What’s the best way to stay on top of multiple games, in different time zones?


You need some great apps to let you track all those games, follow your favourite team, and find out the big stories of the day or week. Luckily, we’ve done the searching for you. 

Live Basketball Scores
Kawhi Leonard, one the NBA’s current stars. Photo: CNN.

NBA Game Time – the league’s official app is a one-stop shop for all your hoops needs. It provides in-game tracking, live score updates, highlight clips during the game, as well as stories from around the league and analysis. It will keep you in touch with the world of the NBA, and allow you to access further content online or in-app.

ESPN – if you want to get your scores with a side of high-level analysis, then ESPN is the place for you. Their powerful app gives you access not just to scores and results, but also all of their basketball coverage, with podcasts, great pundits and snippets of shows to go alongside the game recaps.

The Athletic – the new kid on the block is proving to be a heavyweight in the world of sports news apps, and their basketball is no exception. With live in-game reporting, as well as deep analysis and news from around the league, you get a total experience right from the off. The subscription isn’t cheap but the price may well be worth it for the discerning sports fan.

Instagram – that one might sound strange, but makes total sense. You go to Insta for everything else, why not scores? Between accounts like @nba and @sneakerreporter, as well as all the individual teams’ stories and posts, you can easily keep up with everything going on.

Feedly – a really clever little app, Feedly uses an RSS feed to aggregate live score feeds and updates from across a variety of different platforms, websites and news outlets, meaning you only need to download one app to get all the news. It doesn’t have all the functionality of ESPN or another big broadcaster, but if you want one app to cover lots of sports news, including basketball, this might be it.

With the NBA playoffs just around the corner, there isn’t a better time to get up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of elite basketball, and these apps will get you there. If you want to find out who’s going to be the champs this time around, you can do it from literally anywhere.

Stay tuned in to everything that’s happening, right on your smartphone. 


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