Connect With Paris Saint Germain On Your Smartphone

If you want to stay on top of Paris football on the go, check out the Paris Saint Germain smartphone app. Some of us just really love our teams and those some of us want to know everything before everyone else, thanks to football team apps like this one, you can.

Established in 1970, Paris Saint Germain has won 40 football titles which also makes one of the best French sports teams in all of history. They also play in the highest tier of French leagues. Paris Saint Germain is the only team that has never been relegated from Ligue 1 ever and the only club to have won major European titles. 


Domestically, Paris SG or PSG as they are commonly known as, have won 12 Coupe de France titles and 8 Ligue 1 titles, and 9 Trophee Des Champions titles. In Europe, they won 1 UEFA Cup winners championship and UEFA Intertoto Cup. This football powerhouse now gives you a chance to stay up close and personal with their Paris Saint-Germain smartphone app.

Paris St. Germain Football

So, if you are one of the biggest fans of this team, we are here to help you and ensure that you never miss anything concerning the team.

What Is The PSG Official App?

If you are looking for the capital club news, you can download the app on your mobile phone and keep up to date with all of their latest videos, news, and photos. This app, however, covers all PSG teams on one app, such as the Women’s team, First team, and Handball. You also get to receive match standings, sheets, results, and all the ongoing competitions.

The app also gives you access to UNIBET which is a quiz based system that gives you the chance to win €100 on free bets. During a match, you can expand the live bar at the bottom of the screen and then follow the game with real comments and stats. This includes live ups, head-to-heads and other types of information.

The beauty of this app is that you can watch a match from anywhere you are, which means that you never have to miss a game from your favorite team.

What Are The App’s Features?

Get all the latest news

The app ensures you are always up to date on all the latest news concerning all the teams. You shall receive news alerts about the handball team, the First team, and the women’s team as well, which is great for an ardent fan.

Watch all the PSG videos

The app gives you access to all videos related to PSG. This includes highlights from their matches, daily news, player commentaries, etc. you get to watch full replays and plenty of 10-minute game highlights to keep you happy. This, however, requires you to have a PSG TV subscription to their premium package.

Get Results Updates

There is a section in the app that gives you the results of the games being played, which includes that team’s standings, squads, and fixtures, so you are always informed. You can also follow the matches in real-time, with commentary.


We have mentioned this above. It is a section of the app that has a quiz that can give you the ability to win around 100€. You can also make bets on the matches, and stand to win more money. These bets are not charged, which means you make free bets.

Get The Parc Des Princes Tour

The Parc des Princes is one of the biggest football stadiums in Paris France. It has a sitting capacity of more than 49,000 spectators, and if you wish to tour the stadium, you can use the app as an audio guide so you can get the most out of the tour, and get to see as much as possible.

The app shall point out the best sites for you to see and also lead you to where history was made. This is the best thing for a tour guide.

Stay Connected With PSG

The app keeps you in contact with all of the PSG social media platforms and also gives you access to all the conversations going on. You also get to connect with all the stars of the teams.

Watch The Action Over And Over Again

When you are connected to the app, you can watch replays of matches from the past, and even access live matches as well, right from your phone. Also, the app gives you alerts and notifications about any information on the team.

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Connect With Paris Saint Germain With The Smartphone App Conclusion

If you’re a big fan of PSG, you’re going to love how the app helps you connect. Now you can travel all over the world and still receive alerts, notifications, and information concerning your favorite team with the Paris Saint Germain smartphone app. This notification process ensures you’ll never be caught blindsided in a conversation with your sports buddies about Paris Saint Germain again.


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