Watch Liverpool FC On Your Smartphone

You don’t need to be tied to a TV to watch Liverpool FC thanks to their new smartphone app. If you are a huge Liverpool FC fan, you never want to miss out anything and when you do, it probably sucks majorly. And sports organizers know that, so that’s why you can now watch your football games on your smartphone.

An app on your smartphone can go a long way into making sure you never miss a match. The new LFC official app allows viewers to watch all Liverpool FC games on the go. Subscribers can log in and access their accounts through their smartphones and watch exclusive videos, press conferences, interviews, documentaries, and match highlights.


All of these are streamed live on the LFCTV which is available on all IOS and Android devices. If you don’t have an account yet, simply download the app to your phone and sign up for an account. In this review, we take a look at what is available on the app and the other fun activities you can do using the app to stay connected to other fans and the team.

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The Liverpool FC App

On this app, you can follow the team wherever you are. It delivers the most incredible mobile experience, for fans all over the world. You can watch all the past matches and the interviews that were made by the players. Also, there is an extensive match and player statistics, plus some notifications for matches are also available. You can download it here on your IOS device and here on your Android device.

Liverpool Quizzes

In addition to watching the matches, you can participate in quizzes about the players, and these are designed to challenge the fans from all over the world. You get to answer historical questions about the club and recollect things such as legends, ranks and the awards that the team has won and also participate in the challenges to determine if you are a true fan or not.

The Fantasy Manager

This is a game on the app that is filled with lots of fun things and activities, which are all about the Liverpool team. All actions in the game shall give you points and a ranking. The more points you earn, the more chances you shall have for receiving a reward at the end of the month. All you have to do is defeat thousands of rivals from around the world.

League Competitions

If you know your football well, you can participate in the league competitions and if you fight for each game to reach the top, there are special tournaments you can enter and items and prizes to be worn. Develop the best team so you can have your opponents trembling.

Play Against Others

In this game, you can also set it up so you can face some rivals head to head. Also, include your friends so you can compete against each other, which can be so much fun if you are all football fans.

The Special Keyboard

The app comes with a tailor-made Liverpool FC keyboard. On your smartphone, this shall provide for your predictions, and word corrections for your vocabulary and style. The LFC gives you access to stickers and themes from the Liverpool Team and the new version that was launched recently has more features.

How To Watch Liverpool FC on Smartphone

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Why You Should Download The App

This app is great for anyone that wants to follow the team they love. It is user-friendly and has already received the seal of approval from the official Lucas Leiva. It is ready for you to explore and features everything you could want as a fan.

You can receive all the breaking stories from Anfield and Melwood so you are always updated, and also find out what other fans are talking about on social media concerning the team. All you have to do is hang out on the app and wait to see what you want to see.

The app includes the LFCTV GO which helps integrate all the player and team stats. You shall also get to watch all the live commentary on all match days and foto fan that includes a wide range of reds related phrases, imagery, filters, and frames. You can share all this with your friends.

How To Use The Liverpool FC App On Your Smartphone Conclusion

You can also choose to personalize the notifications from the app so you can receive only relevant information for all the latest news and ticketing information from the team.  There are a lot of sports apps out there, but this one has been designed for Reds fans.

Download the app if you are looking to remain abreast of all things Liverpool FC. You get to know what is going on with your favorite team, and if you participate in the quizzes, you can even win some cool memorabilia. So if you’re a diehard Liverpool FC fan, this app just might be for you.


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