10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)

Starting your children off with sports at a young age is a good move. It can teach them the value of hard work, discipline, and physical activity while giving them various opportunities for socialization, exercise, and achievement. 

To make sports even more fun, you can get creative by making sports projects at home. Incorporating sports into your lifestyle can not only get your kids excited about sports but also bring the family closer together. Up next we’re going to tell you about 10 sports projects you’re going to want to try out right away, including the following:

  • Court-Inspired Bulletin Board
  • Sports-Themed Wreaths
  • Game Day Flaglets
  • DIY Cheerleading Accessories
  • Game Viewing at Home
  • Sports Team-Inspired Knitted Items
  • Plush Dolls and Balls
  • Homemade Basketball Hoop
  • 3D Skating Art
  • Mini Sports Toys
10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
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Court-Inspired Bulletin Board

This project is great for anyone who likes to keep up-to-date on the latest events and developments of their favorite teams. You can create this type of bulletin board for all sorts of sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, football, and soccer. 

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
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Say you want to make a baseball field-inspired board. You just need any standard bulletin board, fake grass or green felt for the field, a ruler, and a white paint pen. Simply glue the fake grass onto the bulletin board, draw the layout of the field, then, add the baseball diamond. 

The next thing you need to use is the white paint pen and ruler to draw on the details of the bases, batter’s box, and baselines. You can use almost the same materials for many other sports, but for each, you’ll just adjust the layout of how you place them.

Sports-Themed Wreaths

This one is a project that major sports fans can do when they want everyone to know who their favorite team is – especially people visiting their homes. The best thing about it is it can come in many different designs, especially as it can bear the colors of any team in any sport out there.

What you need is a wire or wooden ring, deco mesh, and rolls of ribbons in the color combination of your favorite team, as well as a pair of scissors, pipe cleaners, and a glue gun. You can also make decorations in the shape of any item associated with the sport such as balls, clubs, and sticks.

What you need to do is simply cut up strips of ribbons and mesh and attach them to your ring using pipe cleaners. Make sure to attach the ribbons creatively. For an additional spark, you can create items out of cardboard like a hockey puck or a football. You can use paint or markers to color your items and then glue them on your wreath. 

Game Day Flaglets

This is for sports fans who like to watch their games live and want to show their support to the team. There are many ways to show support like wearing a team jersey or wearing team colors, but waving a flag is even better. If you make the perfect flaglet, you can even get noticed by your favorite players.

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
Image Source: I Should Be Mopping The Floor Blog

Flaglets are light and portable as well as creative, and eye-catching. To create these, you just need some sort of stick like a dowel or a branch, construction paper in the color of your favorite team, glue, and some paint. 

To make some, cut out a long triangle shape, paint some cheer on it, then, glue the flag onto the stick. This simple and easy project can also serve as decoration for home viewing and celebrations.

DIY Cheerleading Accessories

Cheering for your team is a fun way to support your team. It helps you help your team by increasing their morale while you cheer them on. Cheering is also a good way to let all that energy out and show your enthusiasm. And there is no better way to cheer than with the assistance of big, colorful pompoms. 

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
Image Source: Dazzling Daily Deals

Before watching games in venues, you can start preparing by making your own pompoms. You just need 4″ x 8″ cloth pieces, scissors, a ruler, and tape. Make sure to get the colors of the team you are supporting.

You just need to stack 10 of the squares on top of one another, then use the ruler to make one-inch markings on the long side so you know where to cut your pompom strips. They use the pair of scissors to cut through these markings, but leave an inch at one end uncut. Now tape the two ends of the uncut side together and you’ve got your very own pompoms. 

Game Viewing at Home

While watching at the venue is an exciting experience, many might not have that opportunity. In fact, some may prefer watching games in the comfort of their own home. So, why not make a project of it all? 

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
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If you are planning to do a viewing party, you can start with the décor. You can make some wreaths or flaglets and hang them around your home for a sporty vibe. And probably the most important part is the food. You can take inspiration from the actual venues. For example, baseball games are known for hotdogs. 

If you’re watching hockey, you might want to make some hot chocolate. If it’s a football game, there are a ton of snacks you can make like nachos and jalapeno poppers. You can even bake cakes or cupcakes and decorate them in the color of your favorite team. Now that you’ve got the food and decor set, all you’ve got to do is dress yourself up too.

Sports Team-Inspired Knitted Items

Showing your support can also be fashionable and comfortable. You can wear various clothing items that can make you look and feel good while displaying your love for a sport or a team. You can do this by knitting your own items.

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
Image Source: Lets Knit

This is an activity for adults and older kids and is also an activity you can use to spend some quality time together. You can make scarves, quilts, and sweaters designed with logos or simply in the color scheme of your favorite team. To that, you can add patterns of things like balls, hockey sticks, skates, and other similar sports equipment. 

You can do this using knitting tools and yards and yards of yarn. Of course, you will need some knitting skills and a whole lot of focus and patience.

Plush Dolls and Balls

Children who love sports will definitely have fun making doing this DIY project. It is quite challenging and fun to do while resulting in a final product that is cute and playful. The dolls can be added to your kid’s collection, while the balls can be a safer alternative to hard balls.

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
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To make plush dolls or balls, you just need some colored fabrics, shears, needles, threads, and fiberfill. For the dolls, a pattern is needed to create different parts such as the head, body, and limbs. Each part will be filled and sewn, then attached to the body to finish,

Balls are easier to make as you just need circular pieces of fabric, which you will partially sew together, then fill with fiber filling. The design of the doll or ball is up to you based on your favorite sport and team.

Homemade Basketball Hoop

Basketball enthusiasts will find this little project fun and practical choice. It helps children understand the value of DIY projects, especially as it gives them something useful they can easily enjoy.

This easy-to-make hoop only needs some strips of cardboard for the ring, a sheet of styrofoam for the backboard, black tape, yarn, and hot glue. To make the ring, you just need to place two long strips of cardboard on top of each other and glue them together. 

Then, you just need to make it into a ring and glue it to a short and flat strip to attach to the backboard. You can glue pieces of yarn to the ring to create a netting pattern. To make the Styrofoam look like a backboard, you just need to use the tape to outline a small box inside the board. Then glue the ring onto the board and you are done. 

3D Skating Art

Skaters will love creating this project to celebrate the sport they love. It is a fun and creative activity, but children may need assistance from adults as it involves some cutting using an art knife.

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
Image Source: The Pinterested Parent

To make this art, you need a paper plate, thick paper, construction paper, coloring materials, scissors, glue, a popsicle stick, and an art knife. To start, draw a figure of a person skating. Leave the face empty as you can glue a photo of your child in this space.

Then, have your child color the figure then cut it out using the knife and glue it on the stick. Then, draw pine trees and cover them in green construction paper. Finally, glue the cut out of trees at the back of the plate as background, then cut a slit in the middle. Place the stick into the slit and then move it back and forth, it’ll look like the figure is skating on ice! 

Mini Sports Toys

This one is sure to be a crowd favorite especially during family days and game nights. You can get as creative and complex as you like, or go the simpler route. You can simply get popsicle sticks, cut a small portion, then glue it at an angle to make hockey sticks. You can use buttons as pucks. 

10 Sports Projects People Should Know (And Maybe Even Try Out)
Image Source: Mini Gear YT

However, you can also make a more complicated contraption that lets you shoot basketballs arcade style. You just need some cardboard, ping pong balls, some sticks, rubber bands, and some small baskets. 

Other ideas you can try out include making a DIY bowling alley, a soccer field complete with goals posts and a small ball, a DIY table hockey, and other similar homemade mini-games. 


For many, sports is a lifestyle. These sports projects can help you and your children express their creativity and make some meaningful things out of some ordinary items. These ideas are also great for people who are looking for hobbies. 

Plus, it is a great bonding moment for your children, letting you get closer to each other. All in all, these activities can be a great way to support the sport and team you love.


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