The Most Successful Pro Basketball Teams of All Time

The action is non-stop with scores changing minute-to-minute, the most successful pro basketball teams of all times keep fans breathless and on their toes. Basketball has become one of the most beloved and most famous sports in the US today. It was created by James Naismith in 1891, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the main league that governs all basketball-related championships.

In the NBA, there are 30 basketball teams that are divided into the eastern and western conferences. Each of these conferences has 15 teams competing against one another. The best eight teams from each conference usually move on to the playoffs. These are played within the conferences and the winner then goes on to the final NBA games where a season champion is decided.


The current winners are the Toronto Raptors, who made history as the first Canadian team to win the NBA. Only 20 other teams have ever won the NBA championship. The easterners have won 38 times while the westerners have won 33 times. The teams with the most wins are the Celtics and the Lakers, the two teams have 33 wins combined. Our editors have looked into the stats of the most successful pro football teams of all time and have come up with this list.

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Who Are The Most Successful Pro Basketball Teams Of All Time?

We’ve looked exclusively at wins when we came up with the best pro footall teams. But yes, there are other factors you might think of like, teams with the biggest followings or teams with the biggest players. Here we’re going at this list based strictly on the number, so let’s go.

Boston Celtics

Conference Titles: 21

NBA wins: 17

Famous Players: Bill Russell, Larry Bird, John Havlicek

The Boston Celtics have the most NBA titles than any other franchise in the history of the league. They clearly lay claim for the number one spot in our list of the most successful pro basketball teams of all time. Their best run in the NBA was in 1959-1966 where they won consecutively. The top players in the NBA – Larry Bird and Bill Russell have also played for this great team.

Los Angeles Lakers

Conference Titles: 31

NBA wins: 16

Famous Players: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kobe Bryant Magic Johnson

With big names such as Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, this is a legendary team that is also extremely famous with their excellent results. They are one win shy of beating the Celtics from the top position, and there is talk that soon they shall manage to do this.

This team has been doing great from back in the day when George Mikan was part of it. They have an incredible franchise and there is really no time in history when they have been accused of being a bad team. Among their team members, they have at least 16 names in the Hall of fame and these are their alumnus players who were part of what made the team great. Legends such as Kobe Bryant made this team the most famous of all time.

Chicago Bulls

Conference Titles: 6

NBA wins: 6

Famous Players: Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen

When you mention Michael Jordan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Chicago Bulls. He was one of the best players in the world and he really put this franchise on the map. Although they haven’t won as many NBA titles as the other two teams on the list, they are one of the most hardworking and most beloved NBA teams in the world.

Without MJ they probably would never have had any NBA titles, and with him, they have a position in our list of the most successful teams of all time. The Bulls are part of the 3 best teams in the NBA, but they can never come close to the accomplishments of the other two teams. No one really can.

San Antonio Spurs

Conference Titles: 4

NBA wins: 4

Famous Players:  David Robinson, George Gervin, Tim Duncan

This is a modern NBA team with new fans and they have slowly become the most talked-about NBA teams in current times. Since their entrance into the NBA, there have only been four seasons when they were not a part of the playoffs, and this is no mean feat. There is a reason why they are known as the “model franchise,” and this is because they always seem to do the right thing in terms of strategies.

Detroit Pistons

Conference Titles: 7

NBA wins: 3

Famous Players: Joe Dumars, Dave Bing Isiah Thomas

This may be the most surprising team to make it to the top five most successful pro basketball teams of all time, but they do belong here. Having had three dominant phases in their career, they have made the playoffs eight times, and from 1983 all the way to 1992 they made it every single year, which was an excellent performance.

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The Most Successful Pro Basketball Teams Conclusion

The 2019 NBA champions were the Toronto Raptors who made history as the first Canadian team to ever win the championship. In terms of their overall stats however, they are still developing and do not have the points and history the teams on our list do. Of course, the NBA is always ripe for new talent and teams to take the league to new heights. We’ll just have to wait and see who is going to sparkle and shine on the NBA court in years to come.



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