Swimming Richlist: Top 10 Swimmers with the Highest Net Worth

Swimmers might not get a standard paycheque, but they certainly have a chance to become high net worth individuals. If you’ve got the talent of a fish and can make some waves with your personality too, you can make millions through sponsorships and endorsements. If you never really thought about swimmers earning the moolah, you’re going to have to check out our Swimmers Richlist.

Many of the swimmers on this list have earned the bulk of their wealth from endorsements. Sure Olympic prize money is good, but it really been all those television commercials and brand deals that have earned them major bucks. Additional PR moves like appearing on television shows and doing interviews have also helped many of them gain popularity and in turn, helped them earn more.


Top swimmers definitely don’t make as much as the richest footballers and basketball players. But they certainly earn a lot more than most people working nine to five. Our swimmers richlist includes the top 10 richest swimmers of all time and all of them come with plenty of zeroes.

Swimming Richlist: Top 10 Richest SwimmersImage Source: Wikipedia.org

Jennifer Elisabeth Thompson

Net worth: Approx. $1 million

Thompson participated in 4 Olympic Games in her career and was quite the competitor. She won a total of 12 medals and 8 of them were gold. Thompson had a very long career that saw her move from the youngest competitor to the oldest.

During the Athens 2000 competition, she was the oldest member of the team. With a total net worth of $1 million, she ıs one of the rıchest swımmers of all time.

Krisztina Egrszegi, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Krisztina Egerszegi

Net worth: Approx. $2 million

You may have some trouble pronouncing her name, but Krisztina is a Hungarian swimmer who is also one of the best Olympians in the world. She won 7 medals after participating in only three Olympics and the seven medals, five were gold medals.

She also holds the record for the 200-meter backstroke event that earned her four of her gold medals. She is in the hall of fame and her $2 million net worth is more than worth it.

Kristin Otto, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Kristin Otto

Net worth: Approx. $4 million

Kristin Otto is without a doubt the greatest German swimmer in the world. She won six gold medals in the only Olympic Games that she ever attended which was in 1988, she was the first and only swimmer to accomplish such a feat at the time. Otto has had a few other honors to her name, which have all worked at making her one of the greatest.

Shane Gould, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Shane Gould

Net Worth: Approx. $6 million

Shane Gould is an Australian Swimmer who became an Olympic champion at only 15 years old. She won five medals in total which included three gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games. Gould retired at 16 years, and still earned great honors and huge net worth.

Matt Biondi, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Matt Biondi

Net worth: Approx. $8 million

Biondi is an American swimmer who set both World and Olympic Championship records in many different events. He ended his career with a record 11 medals, which included 8 golds. He was also named the male swimmer of the year twice by the World swimming magazine and inducted into the swimming hall of fame.

Diana Nyad

Net Worth: Approx. $10 million

While Diana Nyad has never participated in the Olympic Games, she has done very well in other competitions which have earned her, her big net worth. Nyad has a 30+ year career and has also broken plenty of records in the long-distance swims which included the Havana to Key West trek that took place in 2013.

Ian Thorpe, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Ian Thorpe

Net Worth: Approx. $12 million

Now, this is a name most people will recognize, he is one of the most successful Australian Swimmers of all time. He proved to be a top performer in the world too and was named the swimmer of the year from 1999 – 2003 in his country.

Ryan Lochte, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Ryan Lochte

Net Worth: Approx. $13 million

Another big name. Ryan Lochte is a big and star, and although he has faced a few financial problems, he is still remembered from the 2012 Olympic Games.

Mark Spitz

Net Worth: Approx. $20 million

He is one of the most decorated Olympian in history. He is a former swimmer that holds the record of winning the most gold medals in an Olympic game. Although his record was broken by Michael Phelps, he remains to be one of the greatest.

Michael Phelps, Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Michael Phelps

Net Worth: Approx. $55 million

Michael Phelps is synonymous with swimming. You cannot talk about the greatest swimmer without mentioning his name, and this would explain why he is the swimmer with the highest net worth. His record-breaking performance at the Olympic Games is also phenomenal. He is certainly the undisputed king of swimming.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Swimming Richlist Conclusion

Every sport has its stars, and the above ten names make up the biggest swimming stars in the world. Some of them have retired but their names are still making the rounds on all sorts of swimming richlists. It just goes to show that with passion and dedication, you can earn as much as you want while doing the thing you love.


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