These Are the Biggest Names in Women’s Soccer

After the women’s soccer World Cup in 1991, soccer has reached another level in the female arena. Ever since, this game has produced fantastic female soccer players who have dominated the circle.

From jaw-dropping athletic skills to amazing dribbling moves on the field, these players have opened our eyes and captivated us beyond measure. 


All the players on this list have made huge achievements, both at the club and international level. If you are interested in women’s soccer, this article will take a look at the biggest names in the game both present and past.

These Are the Biggest Names in Women's Soccer

Nadine Angerer (Germany)

In the early 2000s, Nadine was just a backup player for the German national team which went on to win a number of titles. Despite being a backup, she soon proved herself as she played to stop the opposition during Germany’s World Cup-winning run in 2007. 

That’s not all though. She also won every soccer enthusiast’s heart in the 2013 European championships when she saved two penalty kicks to seal the win for Germany’s win over Norway. 

She was also the first female goalkeeper to win the FIFA Player of the Year Award, along with many other feats during her career.

Kristine Lilly (U.S.)

Kristine Lilly, also known as the sport’s Iron Lady, had a memorable soccer career that stretched from 1987 to 2010. She holds the record of earning 352 appearances on a national team in international matches, which makes her one of the greatest American players of all time. 

Kristine also holds the record for scoring a whopping 130 goals and providing 105 assists in the international soccer circuit. 

And no matter what role she played in the team, nothing can undermine her track record with two World Cup wins and two Olympic gold medals in the American jersey.

Christine Sinclair (Canada)

Christine Sinclair is hailed worldwide for bringing women’s soccer to the center stage, in a country where everyone is consumed by hockey. 

She has successfully spent over two decades with the Canadian soccer team and various other professional clubs, to earn an unparalleled reputation. 

Sinclair single-handedly almost overthrew the neighboring Americans with her stunning hat trick in the 2012 Olympic semi-finals.

Moreover, she scored the Bronze medal match-winning goal against Brazil, in the 2016 Rio Olympics. This earned her the Woman of the Match award for her record-breaking performance. 

Abby Wambach (U.S.)

With an overpowering record of 184 international goals, Abby Wambach used her strength, size, and aggression to become an all-time favorite soccer player. 

She has achieved the unmatched success of winning two Olympic golds and the 2012 FIFA Player of the Year award, that helped cement her successful soccer career. 

What’s even better is that Abby played an instrumental part in the 2015 FIFA World Cup. This remains one of her biggest career accomplishments and one of the great wins in the history of the game. 

Marta (Brazil)

Marta was the first player who showed the world that women are capable enough to excel in a male dominated sport.

She rose to prominence after winning five straight FIFA Player of the Year Awards, and captured people’s attention with seven goals during the 2007 World Cup. 

While she never won a World Cup or an Olympic medal, she silenced all her critics by winning the sixth FIFA Best Player Award in 2018 and a World Cup tally of 17 goals. 

Her success reached new heights when she delivered a heartfelt message for fans and supporters after Brazil was knocked out from the 2019 World Cup.

These Are the Biggest Names in Women's Soccer

To Sum Up

Although this list is never-ending, these five women have proven their excellence year after year. 

They have exceptional skills and continue to win over millions of hearts.


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