Why Everyone Loves the Tennis Sisters Venus and Serena Williams

In the early 2000s, one family came out on top in the competitive tennis circuit and has since transformed the game ever since. The family name ‘Williams’ has made headlines for years with two sisters – Venus and Serena.

The Williams sisters are not only successful in their own right, but they were also responsible for transforming women’s tennis and taking the sporting world by storm. 


In case you are wondering why everyone loves Venus and Serena Williams, be sure to take a look at the below article. In this article, we are going to look at their career in detail to see exactly how they dominated the world of tennis.

Why Everyone Loves the Tennis Sisters Venus and Serena Williams

World Class Domination

Up until now, both the Williams sisters have won a combined nine Wimbledon championships. Venus Williams has won it five times and Serena Williams has dominated the championships four times. 

As soon as the Williams sisters compete in a championship, the joy immediately doubles. 

And, if they happen to play each other, the match between them becomes extremely compelling to watch.

The Rivalry

The competitive tennis circuit has witnessed some of the greatest rivalries over the years, including that of the Williams sisters. Thus, as much as the tennis world loves to look towards the Williams sisters for inspiration, there is still rivalry between them.

Believe it or not but the sisters met each other competitively on 23 occasions. Serena holds the edge, winning 13 out of 23 matches played against Venus Williams

Another spot of rivalry was visible in the Wimbledon championships where Serena won three of those four battles. 

So, if you are looking for some old-school sibling rivalry, these are the best matches in town.

The Doubles Game

As much as both Venus and Serena have aced the individual gameplay, they have also come together to win some Grand Slams in the doubles tournament.

They joined forces together and have battled it out to win 12 Grand slam titles. 

The Williams sisters have not only been one of the greatest doubles players of all-time, but they have also left behind a legacy that is nearly impossible to replicate. 

Making a Strong Come Back 

Every sportsperson goes through their fair share of injuries and other problems, and the William Sisters are no different. 

Both of them have gone through medical issues over the past couple of years, which has somewhat limited their gameplay. 

After suffering a knee injury in 2010, Venus Williams suffered a hip injury the following year. Serena has also gone through her own share of pain and agony, missing a number of championships and games along the way.

Age is Just a Number

While many sportspeople retire fairly early, Venus Williams and Serena Williams are still going strong. While it may be difficult to believe, both the sisters are in their late thirties and still have a lot of tennis years left.

Both the Williams sisters are nothing short of legends in the field of Tennis and will be remembered as two of the greatest tennis players of all time. 

They have a huge fan base around the world and their matches, skills, and strength, continue to amaze spectators.

Why Everyone Loves the Tennis Sisters Venus and Serena Williams

The Bottom Line

The Williams sisters are tennis legends who need no introduction. They have been playing the game for decades and continue to inspire people from around the world.

Due to their large number of medals, it should come as no surprise that both sisters are revered all over the world. They are both exceptional players with lots of experience and strength.

If you have get to see them play a game in a stadium, you will be in for a treat.


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