How to Watch NHL on Smartphone

A common misconception that people have regarding hockey is that Canadians are the only people who watch it. The sport is growing in popularity rapidly and has a big fan base all over the world. There were only four teams at the beginning of the National Hockey League. Things are completely different now as there are thirty-one teams in the league fighting for the right to become the best hockey team in the world.

The best way to experience hockey is to watch NHL matches live. However, there are times when watching these games becomes tough due to our schedules. Spending time with friends, family, going to work, or commuting to another city or country could be the reason behind it.


Luckily, smartphones have made it easier to watch our favorite games on the go with ease. You can now stream virtually every National Hockey League game on your phone live through a variety of apps.

Mentioned below are handy applications through which you can watch NHL games live on your mobile phones. A decent smartphone, internet service, and subscription to a streaming service (some of them are free) are all you will need to support your favorite team throughout the NHL season. Here are 3 ways to watch NHL on Smartphone.

1. Rogers Game Centre Live NHL

This company purchased the rights to broadcast the National Hockey League. This live streaming service shows all regular NHL matches ranging from Stanley cup games, playoffs, and regular-season games live.

The Game Centre service is present on Android as well as iOS. The best thing about this app is that you will only need to pay around $200 dollars for watching your favorite hockey action. Rogers Game Centre also has smaller packages for people looking for budget-friendly options.

Subscribers of this application get exclusive access to special features. Note that you do not necessarily have to be a customer of Rogers to subscribe to Game Centre.

2. The Official NHL App

If you are a true hockey fan, you will love this app. It has a lot of exclusive content like scores, editorials, trades, news, and schedules. You can also get team-specific news if you do not want to follow other teams. Some people claim this app to be a slightly clunky, but overall the app does not have too many big problems.

You can watch NHL live streams and other hockey games from the official app of the NHL by paying the required price. The rates tend to fluctuate annually but are fairly decent for the excellent quality that users receive through the app.

3. Bell TV AnyWhere

Several NHL fans favor this streaming service because of its easy usability. Bell TV is present on iOS and Android and has varying rates to match user’s budgets. Make sure that you have 4G internet or a good Wi-Fi connection as this app takes up a lot of data.

Support your teams and watch NHL matches year-round while you are on the go. These efficient apps also provide timely reminders, score updates, and statistics that will certainly please hardcore hockey fans.


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