How To Watch Ten Sports Online

Ten Sports is one of the most popular ways to watch live sport in India, and it has a global appeal, as it broadcasts the hugely competitive, popular and world-class IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket matches. These are watched by millions in India and around the globe, and are widely considered the best domestic cricket in the world.

So how to go about watching Ten Sports? There are quite a few providers who offer access to Ten Sports, which is great, but this can also increase the complexity of finding the best way to watch.


We’re here to help you understand what Ten is all about, and find a way of watching online that suits you best. 

IPL Cricket action. Credit: TNW.

What type of device?

Chances are you won’t be watching on a TV, so you’re going to want to use the internet to get access to Ten Sports. But what service you want might change depending on what kind of device you have (and whether you want to get access to other content at the same time).

If you’re using a laptop, you can stream directly from the Ten Sports Live website hub, with access to the streams they are showing at that time directly in your browser, depending on what you’ve paid for (you’ll need to login before viewing). This is good because it optimises the use of a larger screen and is easy to navigate.

If you’re on a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet) you’re going to want to take advantage of a different provider – there isn’t an obvious ‘official’ app that allows you access to all the content on Ten Sport. Take a look below for where else you can see that content.


There’s a confusing mix of different sites and services purporting to offer access to Ten Sports, and many of them are more than a little bit dodgy. Luckily, the rights to Ten Sport are owned by one of the biggest players in the digital content market – Amazon Prime

You can get a 30-day free trial of their services, and get access to the full range of Amazon Prime services, when you sign up. Even better, you get all the Indian cricket (as well as football and other sports) through the verified Amazon systems as well.

Amazon Prime streaming is available online and through their app.

There are a number of other ways to watch Ten Sports, but be careful which sites you use. Some of them are below:


If you’ve got this far, hopefully you’ve been able to get Ten Sports in a way that works best for you. Make sure you keep checking back with us to see the best ways to access Ten Sports, as upgrades to services like this are taking place all the time and may change.

Happy watching!


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