What to Know About the 2020 NBA Championship

The 2020 NBA Championship Finals were supposed to be held between June 4 and June 21, 2020. However, no part of the world, and no walk of life has been left untouched by the unusual circumstances created by the pandemic.

Sports are no different, and the 2020 NBA Championship has also been at the receiving end. There’s no way the 2020 NBA Championship will go as per the schedule. But basketball fans, don’t worry, they are reconvening in a safer way.


You’re still going to be able to get some basketball in before the season is over. We can still have a look at the updates, tentative solutions, and more about the championship in this post. Let’s dive in!

What do We Know so Far?

The NBA Board of Governors recently met to discuss the various options and the plan of action to resume the abruptly halted basketball season. The 2020 NBA Championship is being planned to be held sometime in the second half of July, once the dangers of the pandemic decrease.

The organizers are toying with several ideas for the resumption of the NBA championship. This includes a reduced number of teams, restrictions on the presence of fans, and special sanitization measures.

There are serious concerns over the health and wellness of the players. The question is whether or not the players will be able to get back to the game after this long period of inactivity.

What is Going to Change?

Evidently, as per the reports coming in, there is going to be a major shift and remodeling of the standard format of the game that has been running year after year. One of the first steps that might be taken to put the gaming season back on track is limiting the number of teams.

Discussions have been held on all possibilities ranging from allowing 16 to 30 teams. However, about 16 to 20 teams returning to action seems to be most probable. Another decision in the pipeline is a blanket restriction on the presence of fans in the stadium. 

It is highly likely that the NBA championship matches, whenever they resume, will be held in empty stadiums.  This is important to prevent any spread of the virus during matches. The season, if resumed in late July, will end up running into early October. 

This will provide for some time to plan and design the course of action before the next year’s season begins.

Impact of the Modified 2020 NBA Championship

The changes that will be incorporated in the format of the NBA championship will have a certain impact on the credibility and popularity of the season. This is due to the expected reduction in the number of teams which will be seen in action. 

There’s also a view that this year’s champions shall be considered the greatest champions ever! No doubt, the kind of hardships and mid-season pause that the champion will have to overcome is remarkable.

Best Picks to be the Winner of 2020 NBA Championship

Despite all the uncertainty and apprehensions looming over the season, there’s no stopping the fans from rooting for their favorite teams. In fact, the betting business is already raging, and multiple strongly contending teams have emerged.

Here are our top 5 picks who can be the winner of the 2020 NBA Championship.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were the first team to qualify for playoffs this season, and among the only 4 teams qualified so far. This makes them one of the obvious top contenders for the NBA Championship title.

Boston Celtics

Currently positioned in third place, the Celtics are one of the prime favorites of the season. This is for their ability to make strong comebacks which they have shown in the recent games.

Los Angeles Lakers

The expectations are not high in the West, but if any team can pose a challenge, it is the Lakers. They are backed by some truly fantastic players, which also make them the favorite of many bookers.

Toronto Raptors

Raptors, the reigning champions have a serious chance this season as well. They have shown some really impressive performances since the last season, and have the much-needed winning momentum with them.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers is yet another strong contender for the season. Though it’s a fact that the team has never made it to the finals in the entire history of the franchise, chances are that history may just be remade this season.

The Bottom Line

With uncertainty looming all over, there’s still a lot to be finalized and disclosed about the resumption of the NBA Championship this year. We hope that the situation becomes better in the days to come. Since the plans are in the works, the games will be on tap soon.


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