Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football

Any football fan you talk to will have a list of reasons why they love football, and some of those reasons may not even make sense. It goes a step further with Brazilians, though.

Football often becomes a passion for them at a very young age. Those who do not love football do not understand the bond between a football fan and their team


Next, we are going to take a look at why Brazilians are so passionate about football. Keep reading and find out for yourself.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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History Of Football In Brazil

Football may not have originated in Brazil, but this sport has become part of the heritage of Brazil over the years. Among the football fans in Brazil, there are a lot of stories and theories about how football came to be part of this country.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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How did football come to Brazil if it did not originate here, which is hard to believe if you see all the passion for the game? It is hard to imagine that the Brazilians did not invent football, just like samba if you were to see how much they care for that, also.

Since the 1800s

Football came to Brazil in the 1800s from the country that originated and developed the sport for everyone to enjoy. Even though football was invented in England, there is a saying that refers to Brazil as the country of football, país do futebol.

How Did Football Come To Brazil?

Football was brought to Brazil in the late 1800s, by Charles Miller, when he returned from England and became a famous character. Charles Miller went to England for school, and when he returned to Sao Paulo in 1894, he brought two footballs and a rulebook with him.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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After his return from England, he shared his knowledge and love for the game with his fellow Brazilians. Almost every Brazilian football fan sees Charles Miller as the father of football in Brazil and honors him for that. 

The Football Museum (Museu Do Futebol)

That is why many football fans in Brazil believe Charles Miller to be the founder of Brazilian football and pay tribute to him in their football museum. This football museum in Sao Paulo, the hometown of Charles Miller, is located in the oldest Brazilian football stadium.

Culture Of Football In Brazil

In Brazilian culture, football is more than a game. It is considered a lifestyle. This sport is found everywhere in Brazil, and the children play it in the streets with their friends at a very young age.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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Wherever you go in Brazil, you will find locals talking about the game, or their team, or the newest developments around the sport. Football is an integral part of life in Brazil.

A Lot Of Brazilians Play Football

In Brazil, there are more than 16,000 professional soccer players that take part in a myriad of leagues and tournaments. With as many as 776 professional football clubs in Brazil, you can understand their passion for this very popular game.

Why Do Brazilians Love Football So Much?

The first thing you will notice about Brazilian football is that it is open and available for each and every person in the country. Regardless of your social standing, whether you are rich or not, the game can be played by anyone.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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In this country, football is the bridge between different races and cultures with no distinction between every human, regardless of your race. Also, it seems that Brazilians are naturally very good at the game.

The Game Of the People

The answer to the question of why Brazilians love football so much is because it is the game of the people. Everyone who wants to play football in Brazil can have their dream of becoming a professional football player come true.

Football Is Learned At a Young Age

Because Brazilians are so passionate about the game, they can not help but transfer that passion to their children at a tender age. Young children grow up in homes where football is almost like a religion for them.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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Young children are taught football in school during gym classes and physical education classes. This is one of the reasons why Brazilians are such good football players and why they have such a passion for the game of football.

A Ticket Out

In Brazil, it is common for children who grow up in disadvantaged circumstances to see football as a means to get out of poverty. Football plays an important role in the socioeconomic classes, and there is a lot of inspiration from professional players who make it to the top.

Football Unites a Nation

When the nation of Brazil stands behind their team with the yellow shirts, there is nothing that can break the bond that is formed. With a nation so powerfully united, only come good from it, and millions of football fans are inspired by their national team.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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The FIFA World Cup is one of those events that get the Brazilian nation inspired to stand strongly behind their team. There is also a lot of spirit in the local games that are played between the clubs in Brazil in the national championship leagues.

Bring Them All Together

With international games, you will be hard-pressed to find a nation that stands behind their team as much as Brazilian football fans. You will find the whole nation standing together regardless of their race, or skin color, or even their social standing.

Best Players In the World

It is not exaggerating to say that Brazil has some of the best players in the world. In fact, Pele is a Brazilian professional football player who is considered by some as the best football player of the decade.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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It is not only Brazilian fans who think he is the best. He was actually labeled by FIFA as one of the greatest football players ever. Another one of the greatest football players of all time is Ronaldo, who was selected as the best player of the year three times.

A Lot Of Football Heroes

A lot of football heroes that are known around the world for their great performance on the football field have come from Brazil. Many of them have had a lot of influence on the sport all around the world.

The Best From the Beginning

The Brazilian football team was considered the best football team shortly after they began to play the game in the 1900s. They played a game in 1914 against the English club, Exeter City. This was the first football game ever played by this team, and they won 2-0.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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Sao Paulo FC is considered one of the best football teams in Brazil and is closely followed by Santos FC, who also has a lot of wins under their belt. However, there are a lot more teams to choose from that are just as good as these two teams.

A Lot Of Football

In the Brazilian football pyramid, there are four football leagues with as many as 20 teams in each of these leagues. These leagues are Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, and Serie D, which consists of up to 68 teams.

The Most Famous Teams In Brazil

If you were to make a list of the most famous teams in Brazil, you would have a very long list, so we will name those with the most fans. Close to the top is the Corinthians, who have more than 26 million fans. They have won 5 Brazilian and 27 state championships.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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Not far behind them is the Sao Paulo team with around 17 million fans. This team has won the highest number of well-known trophies. This team has won 6 national championships and 2 intercontinental cups, and that does not include the FIFA World Cup that they won.

In the Number One Spot

The team that is currently in the number 1 spot with the most fans is the Flamingo team, which has more than 30 million fans. This team has won 5 national championships, as well as 32 Rio De Janeiro state championship titles.

There Is More

The Brazilian national team has won the FIFA World Cup 5 times, which is more than any other team in the history of the game. With so many great players coming from this country, this winning streak may keep on going for a very long time to come.

Discover Why Brazilians Are Passionate About Football
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Brazil played hosted the FIFA World Cup twice, in 1950 and again in 2014, which helped their economy a lot. These World Cups provided a huge boost for the tourist industry, and a lot of money was made from both of these events.

They Have Their Own Football Style

Brazilian football players developed a unique football style that is known around the world as dribbling, which is a great skill. It is an advanced maneuver but can be quickly mastered to become a very useful tactic.


These are some of the best-known reasons why Brazilians are so passionate about football. With so many football heroes to look up to, it is also no wonder that many young Brazilian football players want to follow in their football shoes.


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