How to Afford Sports Equipment on the Cheap

Sports keep kids busy and out of trouble, but sports equipment is not cheap. Regardless of your financial status, if you’ve got a few kids all interested in sports, the sports equipment is going to make a major dent in your budget. Most sports require special clothes, equipment as well as fees if you are part of an organized sport.

Every professional athlete will tell you that when they were young, their introduction to sports played a big role in how their careers turned out. So if your child has talent, it is advisable that you do all you can to nurture it. And nurturing it does mean that you will have to spend some money but it doesn’t have to be as much as you think.


So, if you are in a pinch, and are wondering how you can afford the required sporting equipment, we’ve got some answers. Our editors have looked into affordable ways to get your kids into sports and have come up with some great tips. Read everything below to figure out how you can introduce sports into your child’s life.

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Do Research On Low-priced Sporting Programs and Equipment

There are many products that even offer sporting programs for free or at a very low price such as with the YMCA, your local county park, and even local churches as well as recreational boards. For non-profits, this is likely to be free, as the cost of the programs is usually part of their funding to help the community, and you will be surprised to note that this is where professional athletes are bread.

Buy Used Stuff

The beauty of sporting equipment is that most of it is durable and can be passed on from one kid to another with minimal to no wear and tear at all. This includes equipment such as lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks and football pads that can be bought second hand. Other such as cleats, may have less wear than you think, so, you can still find a good pair. Most parents are also trying to make some cash from the old equipment and are therefore more than willing to sell at a low price.

You should look at sites such as Nextdoor, Craigslist, and your local Facebook community page to get some of this equipment at the low prices. However, before buying anything, you should check the league your kid is playing to ensure that the equipment meets their requirements for second-hand products. Baseball hats actually come in a variety of styles and the little league actually instituted a policy in 2018 that gave specific guidelines on how the bat should be, which means that an older bat was obsolete.

Hold A League Or Neighborhood Swap

If you research within your neighborhood, you will be amazed to find out that there are plenty of other parents just like you, who are trying to figure out how to get sports equipment on the cheap. Organizing a neighborhood swap can go a long way in ensuring you all meet each and swap your old sporting equipment. If you are already part of a sports league, you can also do a league swap.

Consider Cost-Per-Wear When Buying New

It is very easy to justify the cost of a pair of designer pants, as you know they will be worn for a long time. You can use that concept of evaluation for sports gear by allowing yourself to pay a little more for equipment that you know will stand the test of time. For example, a good quality baseball mitt will last a lot longer than a cheap, plastic one.

Let The Purchases Work For You

If you wish to purchase new stuff, try looking for a retailer that has a loyalty program. A good example is ScoreCard which has a reward program that is unusually generous with their points system. The points accumulate very quickly and as per their policy, they allow you to use many coupons at a time.

As a member, you can receive coupons from sales and then get rebates once you have spent a certain amount. You could also do your online shopping from sites such as Swag bucks which will give you points and cashback for your purchases.

Afford Sports Equipment On The Cheap
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How To Afford Sports Equipment On The Cheap Conclusion

When all fails, you can borrow sports gear from your family and friends. This is a particularly good idea for when your child is trying out a sport for the first time. You don’t want to invest a lot of money in equipment until you have determined that your child is committed to pursuing the sport for the long term.

Sports are extremely important and it is vital that you try to ensure that your children get the opportunities they deserve to be great at a sport. Even if your child is not the next superstar athlete, participation in sports has been shown to also help students academically. In addition, involvement in sports assists with learning important team-building and leadership skills that will be invaluable for them in the long run.


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