Which Baseball Teams Have Set The Most Records?

A baseball game can go on for hours, so baseball teams that have set the most records have a massive amount of perseverance. Whereas other sports have a ton of action and a quick finish-up, baseball requires players to excel for hours at a time. And that means setting records in Major League Baseball (MLB) is no easy task.

When you watch a baseball game, it almost seems too easy, hit the ball with the bat and run for your life. But in an actual game, you’ve got pitchers trying to make sure you don’t hit the ball and players in the field ensuring you don’t hit a home run. We have decided to take a look at the top teams or the crème de la crème of baseball.


From the onset, these teams have always done their best, and their team members are some of the most famous and most revered baseball players of all time. In this list of baseball teams with the most records, we determined the best teams based on their playoff records, their winning percentage, and the Earned Run Average (ERA). Some of these teams have had an insane amount of dominance in the league and have outperformed season after season.

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The New York Yankees

No baseball record-setting list can be complete without including the New York Yankees. Since Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth, to Mickey Mantle, and Mariano Rivera, the Yankees have had the biggest superstars since they were founded in 1901. They have so far won 27 World Series championships and this is the most than any other team. They are truly phenomenal. They have actually been the best team in the world of Baseball for many years. The New York Yankees was founded as the Baltimore Orioles and then renamed in 1913. They have had 44 Yankees inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Boston Red Sox

This is one of the most popular teams in Boston and they are a dominant team in the league. They managed to defeat the powerhouse Pittsburgh Pirates during the 1918 championship games. They then went on to have a very long dry spell in baseball and were even dubbed as the “Curse of the Bambino.” After an 86 year wait, they won their sixth Championship in 2004. They won the World Series again in 2018, and this made them the first-ever team to win four World Series championships in one century.

They have an intense rivalry with the New York Yankees and this is arguably the most historic and fiercest rivalry in professional sporting history. They were one of the top teams during the Eastern Division and were founded in 1901. They were named the Red Sox, from the original name Red Stockings. They have so far won the World Series a record 7 times. Their history is certainly filled with some of the most memorable moments such as the time when they won the Championship in 1946. In this century, they are considered to be one of the most successful teams in the MLB, and they have managed to sell out every single game.

The Philadelphia Phillis

This team is also from the Eastern Division, and it was of course founded in 1883 in Philadelphia. Although the team has won the World Series just a few times, they have become one of the most successful teams in Baseball. Their most recent win was in 2008. And they emerged as the best team in the Eastern Division. They too have a rival team. The Philadelphia Phillies is with the New York Mets. During the 2010 team, they surpassed their 100 sellouts consecutively and have garnered a huge amount of following in recent years.

St. Louis Cardinals

This is a Central Division Team. It was an 1882 team that was known as the Cardinals since 1990. So far, the team has won 10 World Series Championships and the recent one was in 2006 when they played one of their best games of all time. They were the second team to win the World Series in their first season which was in 1926. They are second to the New York Yankees. Their intense rivalry is with Chicago Cubs.

The Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are a Western Division Team that was created in 1883. They have won 7 World Series Championships and the last time they won was in 1988. They also hold a record for having reached the finals the highest amount of times in the National League. They have done this 18 times so far, and have had a very long and intense rivalry with the San Francisco Giants.

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Baseball Teams With The Most Records Conclusion

You never know what’s going to happen in a baseball match, it could be the slowest time of your life or a real banger. All in all, this is a sport that pays its athletes plenty of money, and it has one of the biggest fan bases in America. So that means they better be performing and making those records time and time again.


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