How To Get Involved In Youth Archery

The teen movie Hunger Games put archery in the limelight and stemmed a newfound interest in youth archery. As a result, there has been a huge increase in the number of young people who are interested in learning about this ancient sport. A thousand years ago, it would have been quite commonplace for young men to be able to go out and hunt with a bow and arrow, these days it’s just a fun sport to take on.

Archery helps to develop strong problem-solving skills and also develops focus and determination, which are all great things for a child to have. Archery also builds confidence, because there is really nothing that feels as great as shooting an arrow with a bow and watching it travel in the air and hit the target. They also get to learn how to set goals, create long-lasting relationships and friendships.


So, if you want to get your kids involved in youth archery, we can help. We have compiled a list of tips on how you can get started. Read everything below and you’ll be all set to get out on that beaten archery track and maybe even connect with some ancestors of yours.

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Start By Visiting A Pro-Shop

This is the first step. As a parent, you need to start planning on how to purchase the equipment required for archery. Visit a shop and find out what is needed, and how much it shall cost you. It is also important to go with your child so they can test the available bows and find one that fits them the best. When you have a well-fitting bow that is not too big and not too small, it makes it easy for you to aim at your target and achieve an almost perfect aim.

Join An Archery Program Or Club

There are many youth-related archery clubs that your kid can join. Find one that is close to your home so you can always manage to get them there after school or during the weekends. When you visit you shall find around three different types of archery programs that your child can sign up for, which includes;

Explore Archery

This is an innovative youth archery program that focusses on introducing new archers of all ages to the sport. In explore archery, the students earn their achievements through awards and active participation in team-building as well as individual activities. They focus mostly on fundamental skills which gives them a competitive edge and a little creativity.

Competitive Archery

This is when the student wishes to compete professionally in the sport. The club offers regional as well as international tournaments for them to participate in, and they also offer several events each year. Most of them get opportunities to travel and see the world as they increase their archery skill.

Adaptive Archery

This has no limits. It doesn’t matter your age or gender. With adaptive archery, the coaching resources help archers to overcome any challenges in the sport. Most adaptive archers have found some therapeutic benefits, self-confidence, and strength from this.

Let them have fun

At the core of this sport is fun. Youths need to find ways of releasing the pressure of being a teenager, and this is one of the ways they can use to do this. Sports release happy endorphins and given this era of all sorts of mood disorders in kids, that’s important. Involvement in sports helps to create lasting relationships on and off the field, which is key in having happy, healthy kids.

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Become Involved As Well

As a parent, you must also ensure that you get involved in all of their activities. If there is a competition, be there, if there is a tournament, be available. The only way they can succeed in anything is if they receive the right amount of support. Supporting your kid also gives them a self-esteem boost and makes them confident in themselves and their abilities.

You must also make time for taking them where they are supposed to go. In most cases, when your kid is in competitive archery, they will occasionally travel from one state to another competing. Make time for this. The same way mothers become soccer moms, you can become an archer’s mom, that sounds pretty cool actually.

How To Get Involved In Archery Conclusion

Motivating our youths, and keeping them involved in sports ensures their minds are occupied with the right information and they do not spend too much time staying idle and getting in trouble. It is important as a parent to get involved in any sport 100% and support your child through these very difficult teenage years.


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