Best Technology And Apps To Guide Your Rowing Training

Technology is helping us improve so many aspects of our lives, and interestingly enough it can now even help you improve your rowing training, on or off the water. There was a growing interest in rowing apps a few years ago, but then all of the interest waned. There was a fear of water getting into the phone and damaging it, therefore most users stopped utilizing them.

Since users stopped using the rowing apps, developers stopped updating the apps. Now, another incredible player has stepped into the scene to make up for the lack of updates in the rowing tech world. These new standalone electronic devices are accessed using Bluetooth, GPS, and ant+.


They are also the most robust and reliable in wet environments and are better than mobile phones. With this new divergence, rowing apps in the marketplace are growing in popularity.You can download the improved apps on devices other than your phone and use them on the waters.

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What Are The Best Apps For Rowing Training?

Here we have investigated two apps for rowing training, one with a focus on outdoor training and the other on indoor training. If you do both types of training than both apps might be for you.

Rowing In Motion

This comes with an advanced data interrogation that helps you understand boat movement and how an athlete can best adapt their techniques in order to improve speed. It comes with both a high price and high functionality as well. When you use the phone’s accelerometer and the GPS, it will display for you a detailed boat speed as well as an acceleration graph. These versions enable a seamless real-time sharing of the apps that are running on the different operating systems so you can either use your Android or Apple devices together.

Few in-boat rowing electronics can integrate well with chest straps and heart rates, yet many of the rowing programs usually use the heart rate as the key training determinant. The NK Speed coach, the XL4 and the much cheaper Coxmate GPS all do this. The Coxmate is actually based on the adapted cycling app that includes a route planning tool for rowing outing and uses google maps to chart your course. It is handy for head racing down a river.

It, however, requires you to upload the course onto the app ahead of your rowing time and also during the rowing it will tell you whenever you go off course. The need for an Ant+ heart rate monitor to work with your rowing electronics means that you can upgrade from the older heart rate chest on to the new apps.

Beth Shegalis, who is famous for the PitchmeterRow app for rigging has also come up with many more rowing apps which include the Rowing Drills. These use animations and written descriptions in order to illustrate the process well. They come in real handy for anyone who is coaching beginners or who needs a quick recommendation practice.

Selfloops – this is a group training management tool that keeps a real-time tracking of the group activities. It is a useful squad/crew partner for all people who train together.


This app links to your Concept2 indoor rowing machine and provides you with a selection of the best workouts that can be programmed into your Concept2 directly. It then records all of the data and provides you with personalized feedback. You can then share your workouts online or challenge a rival or friend to a race in real-time. The developers continue to update the software with some of the most recent released in 2016.

British Rowing released the RowActiv which is an app that includes an audio coaching session. This is, in fact, a great idea for home training because it is sort of a fitness class that you give you instant instructions, and each session is aligned to your specified goals.

Ergo calculator helps you calculate the targets for your training. All you have to do is enter any two values from your distance; either the average split or the time and then you can access the app to calculate the third value. It will then automatically calculate your overall weight-adjusted scores and your predicted scores using Paul’s law, based on the Concept2 that is recommended for adjustment.

RP3 Rowing app – this has been upgraded recently to include the options of displaying on the template the “most perfect” curve while rowing. It gives athletes a force curve that they can copy. You, however, cannot upload a curve to the android only devices. Athletes are able to quickly change their stroke when following the template which can then coach them to align their force curves rapidly for the selected crew.

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The Best Rowing Training Apps Conclusion

These are the best technology apps to use with your rowing machines. They not only teach you how to start rowing as a beginner, but they also guide you on how to do it in the best way. They teach you easily and give you guidance about where there are problems. With the invention of technology, people do not need to keep attending schools and classes in order to learn things like rowing. It’s all available online.


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