The Best Destinations for Those Who Want to Learn How to Bobsled

Bobsledding has been an Olympic regular since the 1924 games that were held in Chamonix, France and it is the perfect activity for people who crave speed. The best thing about it is that you do not need to train for years before you attempt this incredible sport. In fact, if you head to the Olympic Park located in Park City, Utah, which we tell you about below, you simply need to pay $200, and then don a helmet on your head and you are ready to go.

You can go with up to four of your friends and receive a crash course on a four-man bobsled as they offer an experienced driver to pilot you around in a dare-devilish run. You may have seen footage of athletes bobsledding and wished you could do it, but don’t have any experience at all, now you can do it easily and simply.


Bobsledding creates some fun times for people who wish to experience some of the highest possible levels of adrenaline while exerting the least amount of effort. There are currently some ex-Olympic tracks that you can do this on. Let’s get into the best destinations for your bobsledding introduction.

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Whiteface Lake Placid

Destination: Lake placid, New York

The most famous Winter Olympics are probably the ones that were held in 1980. There was plenty of miracle on ice drama. These Olympics took place in Lake Placid, New York. This is what makes this location extremely famous. It offers people an opportunity to tuck themselves in the fun involved in the bobsled games using the original Olympic tracks with a professional driver who sits in front of the sled to maneuver the twists and turns. This gives you the freedom to sit back and relax while you enjoy the ride.

You should, however, aim to make your reservations 72 hours early. The tickets go for $85 for children and $95 for adults. In addition to bobsledding, this location is near the Whiteface Mountain where you get to enjoy skiing, ice skating, boarding, zip-lining, mountain biking and of course skeleton which is only for the bold.

Whistler Sliding Centre

Destination: Whistler, British Columbia in Canada

This location advertises itself as the world’s fastest sliding track. The Whistler’s passenger bobsleigh experience can hit a speed of up to 75mph while on the track. It was once used for the 2010 winter Olympics. With a four-person bobsleigh, it is safe for a professional driver who can actually give you the experience of a lifetime. The track is usually available rain or shine throughout.

The tickets in Canada cost around $189 for anyone above 19 years old and for the younger people it is 50% less. You must, however, be accompanied by an adult. The park is usually accompanied by other Olympic-themed sporting events such as cross-country skiing and the biathlon, which is a combination of skiing and shooting.

Utah Olympic Park

Destination: Park City, Utah

This is perhaps the most famous of all these destinations. The 2002 winter Olympics were held here and now this great track that saw the bobsled competition get plenty of mileage is a tourist attraction. The Park City’s winter bobsled experience sets you up with an experienced driver that can hit up 4gs and even 5gs and requires you to do absolutely nothing. All you are required to do is to sit and not embarrass yourself.

This track is usually open throughout the month of April, and you are supposed to make an advance reservation. The riders must be above 16 years of age and should weigh around 100lbs. the tickets go for $195.

WinSport – Calgary Olympic Park

Destination: Calgary Alberta, Canada

This was the 1988 Olympic location, where the Jamaican team made their famous debut. It is perfect for bobsledding events as well as luge rides, snowboarding, skiing, and halfpipe. The luge rides are managed by the Canadian Luge Association and they get you an instructor pro with a helmet and a solo rider to take you around the tracks. You should pay $30 per run.

Lillehammer Olympic Park

Destination: Lillehammer, Norway

This was the Olympic location in 1994. This year, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding won. They offer professional pilots for the four-man sleds, where you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. There are many more options for you to enjoy other than bobsledding such as bob raft, skeleton, and gladiator styled battle games.

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The Best Destinations For Bobsledding Conclusion

With Bobsledding, you must find the right location so you can get to enjoy the sport, as in most cases you are required to have a professional guiding you during the entire time. If you want to learn, all of the above locations also offer learning opportunities for beginners, but they are most ideal for tourists who just wanna have fun.


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