The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History

All championship games have great moments that will be imprinted in the minds of fans of every team that won it. Then there is also the low of those teams with a loss, knowing they were beaten by the better team.

But the biggest Super Bowl winners in history is what will stay with us for the rest of our lives. That includes the wins of those teams we did not even support, but they still won our respect for a good game. We take a look at 10 of those great Super Bowl championship games, so stay with us while we go down memory lane.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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10. Super Bowl 23 – 1989 – 49ers 20 – Bengals 16

This Super Bowl may have happened before some of us were born, while others of us were too young to even remember it. The year was one of the best years for coach Bill Walsh and the year he retired, which happened just after the 49ers won the game.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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This was also the 3rd time they won the Super Bowl and did so with the same coach they had had for the last 10 years. It was in this game that the 49ers executed the west coast offense technique, designed by their coach to near perfection to give them that win.

The excitement of the ending is what most people remember this game for, with the 49ers having the final touchdown in the last minute. This game had a great finish after a great overall game by both the 49ers and the Bengals, making it so memorable.

9. Super Bowl 43 – 2009 – Steelers 27 – Cardinals 23

In this game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals, there were some great individual and team performances from both sides. One of the greatest performances in this game was Larry Fitzgerald, who was drafted to play for the Arizona Cardinals.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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Harrison was one of the stars from the Pittsburgh Steelers with a nice long run down the field for an incredible touchdown. These teams were fighting for points all the way to the end with great runs from all the players in this Super Bowl game.

With the game going from one side of the field to the other, there was no certainty about who would be the winning team. But the great catch and touchdown by Santonio Holmes in the endzone put the nail in the coffin for the Cardinals in those last moments.

8. Super Bowl 32 – 1998 – Broncos 31 – Packers 24

A Super Bowl Final between the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers is as exciting as it can get with these level games. One of the great players from this game was Terrell Davis, who was nearly blinded while having a migraine, but they still used him.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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Another legend that scored in the final moments for the Broncos was none other than John Elway, who also got his ring. This was also the last game for John before a final retirement, and that just made it for him.

A win of 7 points over the Packers was a great end for the Broncos, who wanted this win as a final goodbye for Elway. As it is written down in history, the victory belongs to the team with the greatest desire, as well as the most heart.

7. Super Bowl 36 – 2002 Patriots 20 – Rams 17

This one was yet another Super Bowl with a very close ending score with a lot of excitement going on on the field and in the pavilion. This game between the New England Patriots and the St, Louis Rams was filled with incredible runs, but great defenses kept the score low.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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The team led by Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick had a great defense as well as an offense that upset most attacks. With a first touchdown by the Rams, many were thinking that this was going to be an upset game, but it was turned around quickly.

That final 47-yard kick from Adam Vinatieri in the final 7 seconds is what stole the game away from the Rams. This game brought a lot of nail-biting moments for the supporters watching the game from beginning to end.

6. Super Bowl 34 – 2000 Rams 23 – Titans 16

This is another game with the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl, and this time it was against the Tennessee Titans with another nail-biting game. Luckily for the coach, Dick Vermeil, who retired at the end of that season, it was a great win for them.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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The Rams’ great overall defense put the game out of reach of the Tennessee Titans early in the game, where they were down 16 points. But the Titans put up a great fight to bring their score within reach of those of the Rams.

Even though the Titans were down early in the game, their comeback was a little late for them at the end. The Rams also restore the defense to prevent the Titans to upset the game further to put them in the losing position.

5. Super bowl 25 – 1991 Giants 20 – Bills 19

This was a really close call final score between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl of 1991. It was also in this game that some of the most impressive drives in Super Bowl history were done by Anderson and Hufstedler.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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The New York Giants also won their coach, Bill Parcels, his second ring in 5 years to make him a very famous football coach. This game will be remembered by most football fans for great drives and even greater touchdowns, even to those that do not support the Giants.

With the Bills trailing by just 1 point and 2 minutes remaining in the game, they tried for a kick to the posts. Unfortunately, the kick was not on target, and they lost the game to the Giants by only 1 point; it could have gone either way.

4. Super Bowl 3 – 1969 Jets 16 – Colts 7

This was a great game that was played at the very beginning of the Super Bowl’s existence, in fact only the 3rd one. This game and victory of the Jets over the Baltimore Colts helped transform the AFL and NFL into the Super Bowl.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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The game was also marked as one of the greatest sporting events in the history of the American Football game, making Namath a celebrity. It was also the first time it was called the Super Bowl, and the previous two finals as the 1st and 2nd of this great event.

This was indeed not just a great victory for only the New York Jets but also for the overall game of American football. The game itself was also one of the most exciting games of all time, with excellent game plans and power.

3. Super Bowl 49 – 2015 Patriots 28 – Seahawks 24 

This game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks is remembered for many great drives and defense as well as offense. It will also be remembered as the game with the most questionable passing decision in the final moments by all their fans and critics.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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The game plans of teams were some of the best in the history of football and the Super Bowl, with many great moments. This was also a fantastic game for Tom Brady, with the 4th quarter comeback with epic gameplay to snatch the win for the New England Patriots.

Many would see the final pass in the game from the Seahawks as the worst decision ever made in the final moments. The final pass at the Patriots’ goal line with a great interception by Patriot Malcolm Butler denied the Seahawks any chance of a win.

2. Super Bowl 42 – 2008 Giants 17 – Patriots 14

This win by the New York Giants is seen as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the Super Bowl ever. The New England Patriots went into this game as the favorites to win the game and secure yet another victory.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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But that was not to happen with the great fight the Giants put up in this game, not to bend the knee as the underdogs. The New England Patriots hoped for an unblemished record going into the game to make them only the second team in history.

With only minutes left in the game and the Giants down by 4 points with 10 and the Patriots with 14, it was a touchdown or nothing. That touchdown put them in the lead with 17 to 14 for the Giants to walk off the field as champions.

1. Super Bowl 51 – 2017 Patriots 34 – Falcons 28

With Tom Brady as captain of the New England Patriots, he led them to a great victory in this Super Bowl football game. When they were down 21 to 28, the Patriots decided to fight back for a spectacular win over the Atlanta Falcons.

The 10 Biggest Super Bowl Winners in History
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Tom Brady ran 446 yards in this game with 2 touchdowns and led the Patriots to catch up from behind in overtime. The final nail in the Falcons coffin was the last touchdown putting the Patriots in the lead to win the game.

This final game was not just Tom Brady but the whole team, but the magic performance of the captain put him in the record books. His overall performance in this game made him the best quarterback of all time.


Summing this up, not all agree with which of them was the number 10, but almost every football fan agrees Super Bowl 51 is the number one

Hopefully, this will help every reader to make their own list of the biggest and best of them all.


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