12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports

Our perception of celebrities is often very shallow, and it can be a challenge to truly catch a glimpse of the person behind the celebrity. Often, the more we find out about our favorite actors and singers, the more they endear themselves to us. 

There’s an element of commonality there, as we realize that there’s not much separating us from them. If you’re the type of person who enjoys extreme sports, keep reading, because so do these twelve celebrities we will cover below.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Katy Perry
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Jackie Chan
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Hugh Jackman
12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Bradley Dunn / Unsplash

Leonardo DiCaprio (Wakeboarding)

We feel that it’s only right to start a list like this with a name that everyone will be able to instantly recognize. DiCaprio is one of those actors who has been around for years and still shows no sign of fading. We can’t say we’re disappointed.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Pop Sugar

At this point, Leonardo DiCaprio is more than a household name. From Nolan’s Inception to Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the actor has been involved in some truly excellent productions. This can most likely be attributed to his strong work ethic and genuine natural talent.

In between films, however, DiCaprio fancies himself an amateur wakeboarder. What is wakeboarding, you may ask? Apparently, it involves a lot of water and a lot of flying around the coast of Spain. Good for you, Leo.

Matthew McConaughey (Surfing)

Matthew McConaughey may not have carried as much weight as our previous entry before the late 2000s; this Texas native has since skyrocketed into super-stardom. We’re willing to bet that almost all of our readers are familiar with the actor’s famous “alright, alright, alright” line from 1993’s Dazed and Confused.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Men’s Journal

What readers may not be aware of is Matthew McConaughey’s love of surfing. The actor first developed this passion while filming Surfer, Dude back in 2008, instantly becoming enamored with the sport. Even now, 13 years later, McConaughey can still be found catching a wave or two.

When asked about what drew him to surfing (besides his obvious film commitments), McConaughey reflected that he’s never had a bad time out there among the waves. More power to you, Matthew.

Katy Perry (Bungee Jumping)

There are plenty of singers who can be found enjoying some truly wild experiences, and Katy Perry definitely qualifies. You might be forgiven for thinking that the Roar singer doesn’t exactly seem like someone to do anything particularly extreme or crazy, but you would be wrong.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: @Celebuzz / Pinterest

Between being an American Idol judge and a full-time singer-songwriter, Katy Perry definitely has her hands full. When, then, would someone like this find the time to exercise their wild side? In the middle of a tour, of course!

That’s right. During her California Dreams tour, Katy Perry wanted to do something wild and exciting. What seems more invigorating than leaping off of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in North Shore City, New Zealand? 

Woody Harrelson (Kiteboarding)

Along with Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson starred in the critically acclaimed first season of HBO’s infamously dormant detective drama-mystery series True Detective. Critics praised the actor’s performance, and it isn’t tough to see why. Woody Harrelson is a very good actor.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Daily Mail

Beyond his roles in such films as Zombieland, Seven Psychopaths, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the actor is also a great athlete in his own right. Woody Harrelson loves to compete in amateur football games, and he’s also known to be a frequent runner and biker.

However, one of Harrelson’s more extreme interests is kiteboarding. He can sometimes be seen smiling and having a good old time off the coast of Maui. Woody Harrelson seems like just the sort of guy you’d want to hang out with.

Kate Bosworth (Horseback Riding)

Actor and model Kate Bosworth may not seem like the type to enjoy extreme activities, but anyone who’s willing to take a closer look beneath the veil of this wildcard’s public persona will find that she’s definitely no stranger to some truly wild and exciting adventures.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: @fashiongonerogue / Pinterest

Kate Bosworth is famous for her keen eye for fashion, as well as her commendable talent and skill behind the camera and on the runway. She’s a woman of many talents and many interests, some far tamer than others.

While filming 1998’s Horse Whisperer, Kate developed a deep love for horseback riding. Since then, she’s dabbled in other sports and activities of the “extreme” variety. Blue Crush got her acquainted with surfing, and in 2008, she and her then-boyfriend jumped from a plane at about 15,000 feet high.

Jackie Chan (Martial Arts)

This entry feels like we’re cheating a little bit. Everyone associates Jackie Chan with martial arts – it’s what the guy is known for! Of course, there’s far more depth to him than that, but Jackie might never escape his reputation of being one of the true masters of martial arts.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: UNICEF Connect

Jackie Chan fully commits to his roles, which typically involve him kicking, punching, leaping, and performing all manner of physical feats that most of us can only fantasize about doing. He’s not just an action movie superstar – he’s the action movie superstar.

Of course, sometimes Jackie Chan’s reputation can get the better of him, like when a starstruck fan threw a punch at the actor, never once doubting that the martial arts maestro would be able to dodge it. He didn’t.

Vince Vaughn (Jiu-Jitsu)

In keeping with the theme of our previous entry, this next actor also has plenty of experience when it comes to the subtle art of kicking butt. Maybe you read the name and thought that we made a mistake. Rest assured, we haven’t – Vince Vaughn can truly knock you out.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Fight Sports

With his sweet personality and disarming charm, comedy heavyweight Vince Vaughn may not seem like someone who’d be able to systematically disarm and immobilize you within a few seconds. Granted, these abilities have only recently been added to the actor’s repertoire of skills.

He’s also no stranger to other extreme activities. While expecting his first child, Vince Vaughn went skydiving for the first time, leaping from a plane some 12,500 feet in the air above Lake Michigan. Maybe this was just some bit he performed in order to crash another wedding.

Angelina Jolie (Flying)

No one needs an introduction to Angelina Jolie. The actress has worked long and hard to get where she is, and it certainly hasn’t always been easy. If her interest in extreme activities such as flying is anything to go by, then we’re sure that Angelina Jolie can overcome anything.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: @TheIslander829 / Reddit

The actress first became interested in flying when her son, Maddox, developed an intense interest in anything that was able to reach the sky. Soon enough, Angelina Jolie began to fly a small prop plane as a way of easing herself into the pilot’s seat.

Now, Angelina Jolie owns her very own red and white Cirrus SR-22, one of the world’s fastest single-engine planes. She often brings her children along for the ride, as well. According to Jolie, Maddox could not be prouder of his mom.

Orlando Bloom (Mountain Biking)

With such famous roles as Will Turner and Legolas, it’s a wonder that Orlando Bloom doesn’t have the immense star power that some of his peers in the industry enjoy. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from having himself a good time.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Canadian Cycling Magazine

The British actor’s two most prominent roles (mentioned above) have forced him to develop an extensive repertoire of different skills. Legolas, for example, is trained in archery, horseback riding, and canoeing (among various other bits of elven nonsense), and Orlando Bloom has mastered each of those activities.

More recently, however, Orlando Bloom has taken up mountain biking, potentially as a way to keep fit for some more physically demanding roles further down the line. If he didn’t enjoy his extreme sports before, he certainly does now.

Patrick Dempsey (Race Car Driving)

At 55 years old, Grey’s Anatomy alumni Patrick Dempsey seems to have aged like fine wine. While he may not play good old McDreamy any longer, he’s since built up an impressive array of different skills and interests. Funnily enough, race car driving is not a new interest.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Porsche Newsroom

That’s right. Patrick Dempsey’s interest and participation in race car driving have actually been going on for years – 31 years, in fact. The man is a legitimate professional racer, so it’s a wonder as to how he’s been able to keep this hidden from us for so long.

Unfortunately, Patrick Dempsey has since retired the old helmet in favor of more important endeavors, such as his family and his acting commitments. That hasn’t stopped his team – Dempsey-Proton Racing – from participating further, however. Who knows? He could return to the track at any time.

Bradley Cooper (Motorcycling)

Bradley Cooper is a man of exceptional talent and skill. While his earlier efforts saw him taking on more comedic roles, he’s since proven to have an incredible range that has led him to more dramatic roles. He has even pursued directing opportunities, such as 2018’s A Star is Born.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: People

Of course, everyone needs a hobby, something to distract them from the minutiae and troubles of working life. For Bradley Cooper, that means an intense obsession with motorcycles

The actor can often be spotted zooming around Los Angeles astride a variety of different iron horses. Oddly enough, he only received his motorcycle license in 2011. Rest assured, he takes every safety precaution possible.

Hugh Jackman (Ziplining)

We started this list with a big name, so it’s only fitting that we end it with one that is equally monolithic in proportions. Everyone knows Hugh Jackman. Everyone loves Hugh Jackman.

12 Celebrities Who Are Passionate About Extreme Sports
Image Source: Oprah

While he’s best known for the angry, misanthropic, animalistic Wolverine in the X-Men films, he’s also famous for his consistent good spirits and warm demeanor that make you want to hug him.

He’s also an enthusiastic stuntman. His favorite stunts involve zip lines, and while he certainly seems like he’s having a good time, the many injuries he has sustained over the years seem to indicate otherwise. Still, none of this will ever stop Hugh Jackman from being the man.


If nothing else, we hope to have endeared you to some of your favorite celebrities even more. It’s always comforting to know that as extreme as you or I might be, there’s always an actor or singer who is ten times more extreme. 

Still, don’t feel the need to go jumping from planes or studying martial arts just yet – unlike actors, you and I don’t get paid to injure ourselves.


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