Discover the Best College Football Games in History

College football games are the ones that remain engrained on our minds for a long time. Whether you watched them in person or on TV, they are still worth talking about. Ask anyone from media people, to former players and coaches, and everyone will have something fun to talk about college football games.

In incidences when college football is not playing, it is the time to look back at what games were played when, what the highlights of some games were, etc. 


Note that college football cannot be predicted which makes the game more interesting. Different people have their opinions regarding the best games. Below is a list of what we think are the best college football games in history. Keep reading.

Discover the Best College Football Games in History
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Ohio State 42, Michigan 39

In November 2006, Ohio State battled with Michigan for a national championship spot. Actually, there was a case saying that despite Ohio State’s win, a national championship rematch would pit the country’s best teams against each other. 

This was wrong because Ohio State was blown out of the national championship by Florida while Michigan lost to USC in the Rose Bowl.

This Ohio VS Michigan game had high stakes as it was the first time in rivalry history that the two teams ranked number 1 and number 2. The Buckeyes took on an early lead and managed to hold off Michigan throughout the second half and this makes it one of the best college football games of all time.

Baylor 61, TCU 58

This Baylor Versus TCU game was played on October 11th, 2014. Remember that Baylor-TCU have a rich and underrated history in rivalry games. However, in recent years, the series has taken a nationally relevant and more dramatic turn. 

For example, remember the 50-48 shootout in Waco in 2011 that brought Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III as a legit Heisman candidate. He went on to scoop the award that year.

Three years later, down by 37-58 while left with less than 12 minutes playing time, Baylor fired 21 unanswered points in seven minutes which tied the game. As time was expiring fast, Chris Callahan, a Bears kicker hit a 28-yard field goal and completed the game from behind victory. 

As if that was not enough, Baylor and TCU were named the Big 12 co-champions but neither was chosen to the first playoff field.

Auburn 43, Georgia 38

The November 16th 2013 game of Auburn versus Georgia is apt for this list. Do you believe in miracles? Well, Auburn got a number of them in the run to the BCS championship game of 2013. 

One of the miracles came against Georgia, which came before the miraculous ‘kick-six’. With less than one minute to play and down one point as Auburn faced a 4th-and-18, Nick Marshall threw a ‘golden’ pass to Ricardo Louis. 

This ball was overthrown which in the end was a blessing in disguise. As luck would have it, it was tipped and landed into Louis’ waiting hands that sprinted for a 73-yard touchdown. 

Auburn got a comfortable lead in the early fourth quarter but gave up 21 straight points to the Bulldogs. Luckily, this slate was wiped clean with one of the season’s miraculous catches.

Discover the Best College Football Games in History
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Auburn 34, Alabama 28

In 2013, Auburn’s luck had no bounds, in a positive way, of course. You know when a team is good and have everything fall into place for them, that’s more like it was for them. The tigers, however, were just more dramatic. 

During the 13 national championships against Alabama, the most dramatic moment for Auburn was that which led to ‘kick-six’. Down 21-7 in the second quarter, Auburn in a turn of events made a thrilling comeback which traded touchdowns to lock things at 28 with less than a minute remaining.

Alabama’s T.J Yeldon took the final play out of bounds but the head coach pushed to have a second so that he could try a game-winning field goal. His wish was granted but he didn’t get the result he wanted. 

Adam Griffith’s 57-yard goal fell into Auburn’s Chris Davis’ hands who was ready in the end zone. Davis returned the kick 100-plus yards the opposite way and gave Auburn an amazing 34-28 win.

Bottom Line

There are various college football games that we can write about. As much as each person has their opinion, some games cannot be resisted. Some had amazing comebacks, last minute scores while others had lady luck by their side throughout the game. 

There is always something to talk about these games. This confirms the fact that college football cannot be predicted.


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