Get Started Playing Lacrosse In 9 Easy Steps

Over the last couple of years, the game of lacrosse has taken the world by storm. In fact, according to US statistics, there are more than 800,000 lacrosse players countrywide. As such, it is one of the fastest-growing sports right now. It was once considered a niche but has now exploded amongst the younger generation, who are playing it in colleges and high schools all over the country.

According to the National Federation of State High Schools Association, currently, there are around 193,235 high school players, comprising 23% of total lacrosse players. This number is growing steadily to become one of the most beloved sports in the industry. The big question here is why? Why has this sport suddenly become so popular? The answer is very simple, lacrosse is a more inclusive sport compared to basketball and football.


It is also a contact sport which means that many players simply find it to be more fun. Finally, it has very high chances of landing you a scholarship; this could be due to the fact that not many people are playing lacrosse yet. So, if you are thinking about taking up Lacrosse, it is a fantastic decision, and here is how to get you started playing lacrosse in 10 easy steps;


1. Catch The Ball Correctly

If someone tossed you an egg, you would probably be extra careful with it and protect it from breaking. That is exactly how you should treat the lacrosse ball. When catching the ball allow the stick to give as it receives it. Drop the head back with the ball in it, which should prevent the ball from popping out.

2. Look At The Person Passing To You

It is important to always stay alert during a lacrosse game. Always watch the location of the ball. Face the person about to pass you the ball so you can position yourself well to catch it. You don’t want to ruin the play by missing someone trying to pass you the ball.

3. Try “Cradling” The Ball

As you will notice in our list on how to get started playing lacrosse in 10 easy steps, most of the tips are all about the ball. Since catching the ball is what is most important, you must always be keen on how you catch it.

The art of ensuring that you keep the ball in the pocket of the stick is known as cradling. You must keep practicing this over and over until you feel that you don’t have to look at the ball to know that it’s there. When you receive a pass, you won’t have time to look, you must instantly move towards the goal.

4. Don’t Face The Person You Are Passing To

As much as you are supposed to look at the person passing the ball to you, when it’s your turn to pass the ball, you should try doing it without facing the receiver directly. Only turn sideways slightly as you will need to keep your body between the defenders who are attempting to get the ball from you.

5. Keep The Game Simple

Keeping the game simple will give you room to grow. Play short, sharp passes, and never try to overextend yourself. Trying to go for a glory pass that is as long as the pitch will only cause you to be intercepted due to the long distance. Be simple and be sure of your moves.

6. Go Towards The Ball

Do not keep waiting for the ball to find you. If you want one of your teammates to pass you the ball, you shouldn’t just stand there. Instead, create some space and when they pass the ball towards you. Run in the direction of the ball in order to reduce the chances of it getting intercepted by an opponent.

7. Communication Is Key

Communication ensures that you and your team are working well together. In such a fast-paced game, it is crucial to keep in continual communication with each other as you all move down the field. During a game, ensure that you tell each other who to mark so that every player is covered appropriately.

8. Four Shots

Shooting is similar to delivering a pass. The only difference is that your target, in this case, is protected by the goalie and it is stationary. The four basic lacrosse shots must be practiced at all times in order to be better. These are; overhand long shot, the sidearm long shot, the underhand long shot, and the backhand shot. Mastering these techniques will help you become a goal-scoring machine.

9. Start With Mini-Lacrosse

If you are not yet ready to be thrown into the thick of things with a full game of lacrosse, you could try playing mini-lacrosse. It is the soft lacrosse game that is modified and less expensive. However, it still uses almost all of the same skills. Playing this will give you a feel for the actual game.



Not only is this game gaining popularity, but it is also a perfect way to stay fit and connect with people in your school. We hope that these tips on how to get started playing lacrosse in 10 easy steps will guide you as you embark on this exciting new journey.


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