What You Need to Know About Fortnite Before Getting Started

Fortnite is a video game that was released in 2017 and has slowly become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon due to its infectious dance emotes and bright colors. Almost everyone is obsessed with it, and some of your favorite athletes are, too. They are playing this game with their teammates, and everyone is talking about it in the locker rooms.

You won’t believe this, but there are choreographed celebrations that are based on the dances in this game. It is literally everywhere; you just need to Google and find it. So, if you are tired of all the fuss, and have been meaning to discover the game for yourself, we have put together a little guide for new players that they can follow and get to know what they need before playing the game.


This game is available on your Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. It is what you would call a “freemium” kind of game, which means that you are not charged to download it, and you can play the “Battle Royale” when on Multiplayer mode for free. If you want to play the “Save the World” campaign, however, this will cost you money.

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Here are some tips you will need to know about the Fortnite game before getting started.

You will keep dying over and over.

The sooner you know and accept this, the better for you. You will also be able to enjoy it better. You will not be matched up based on your skill level the first time you log into the game, so everyone else will probably be much better than you are.

Since it is a game of survival, you will only be given one life. But, the good news is that you can always go back to the lobby and restart the new game whenever you die. There is no limit to how many times you can do this. Please try to learn something new after each death. Explore the map on the game, collect some resources and figure out what kind of guns you like and which you do not like.

Keep watch over the person who eliminated you.

After dying, you can choose not to go back to the lobby to restart, but rather, become a spectator of the person who recently killed you. If they die, then you watch the player who killed them. This will give you better tricks of playing the game, and eventually, you will end up watching someone who is much better than you and get a good sense of what the game is all about.

Understand that building is everything.

This is one of the best tips we can give you and probably the most important tip of all.  Even after you become an expert, there are almost no chances of winning the game alone. You must learn to become an expert builder so you can finish in the top five of the game if you avoid combat. You will, however, be required to build a tower eventually.

In order to build, you will be required to have some brick, steel, and wood. These you will find in the resources that are lying on your map, the treasure chests, and anywhere people have died. But, the most efficient way to collect them would be by destroying the world around you.

A bonus tip.

When you start chopping things down, there will be a blue reticle that will appear and keep moving around. Aim to get it. Each time you hit on the reticle, you will do twice as much damage, and you will also break stuff much faster. It will also give you a lot more per strike that makes it worth your while every time you hit your target.

It will cost you around 10 units to build a piece – floor, ramp, ceiling, and wall. You will also need at least a dozen pieces in order to build a structure that looks good. Wood is in plenty, and you will receive around 50 units when you chop down a thick tree. Bushes and small trees are quick to destroy, but they are not worth much. Wood offers the fastest way to build, but it is also very weak.

If you want to build a good construction, brick and steel are the best, but until you can win something, wood is your only resource.

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The most important tip for Fortnite is to make building a second nature to you. It is the most effective way of getting ahead. You could work with gunfire once in a while, but stick to building as much as you can. Until you know and understand the main keys and button well enough, you are likely to keep dying over and over again. For more eSports posts, click here.


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