Skater Richlist: Top 10 Skateboard Professionals with the Highest Net Worth

Skateboarding professionals get to have the last laugh as they have taken what used to be considered a pastime and turned it into money. Parents used to consider skateboarding as merely a hobby, and a wasteful one at that. Now everything has changed.

Now, there are professional skaters, who compete in international competitions. They get major endorsement deals like any other athlete and sometimes even better ones. This sport has evolved over the years to become one of the most incredible sources of wealth.


Starting with a simple board with four wheels, it is amazing how much it has earned the skateboarders on our list. Our Skater Richlist is made up of skateboarding professionals who also know how to market themselves and turn their passion into major wealth.

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Ryan Sheckler

Net Worth: Approx. $16 million

Ryan Sheckler started skateboarding at 11 years old and was the youngest skateboarding pro in the world. He has however been making people who love to write about him feel pretty incompetent, which is fun to watch.

At 20 years now, he is one of the richest skateboarders in the world and has millions of sponsorship deals under his belt. Companies such as Oakley and Red Bull have worked with him, and there is really no stopping him. He has his whole life ahead of him.

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Chad Muska

Net Worth: Approx. $16 million

Also at $16 million net worth, is Chad Muska. Hard to believe that he was once homeless. He lived on a beach in California and has achieved most of his net worth from sponsorship deals and opening his own stores.

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Stefan Janoski

Net Worth: Approx. $20 million

He is not only an accomplished skateboarder but also a writer, artist, shoe designer, and musician. He has used all of his various skills to accumulate a significant wealth of $20 million that he has today.

When the Expedition One Skateboard Company sponsored him, he started getting recognized for his skill but he achieved international fame as a Nike SB Zoom shoe designer. This was around 2002 when Nike was just establishing itself in the Skateboarding market.

They asked him to design a shoe that would become a classic, and this played a large factor in his immense net worth.

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Rodney Mullen

Net Worth: Approx. $30 million

Mullen is considered to be the pioneer of the Modern Street Skating. He has an incredible influence in the skateboarding world and has for years. Not only did he invent the classic trick of KickFlip, but he also had plenty of influence in the overall design of skateboards.

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Shaun White

Net Worth: Approx. $40 million

He is known primarily from his snowboarding career, but White has actually been a respected skateboarder for a couple of years. He even won a medal during the summer skateboarding X-Games championships.

He is one of the most well-known athletes today and has incredible endorsements and sponsorship deals that have made him accumulate his sizeable net worth.

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Rick Howard

Net Worth: Approx. $45 million

Howard is a professional skateboarder who is well known for co-founding Lakai Limited Footwear and Girl Skateboards. He was initially recognized for his work at Plan B Skateboarders.

He left the company eventually to start his own Skateboarding Company – Girl Skateboarding. He has accumulated most of his wealth from the company when it obtained global recognition. He has managed to sing some of the most prominent skateboarders in his company.

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Bam Margera

Net Worth: Approx. $45 Million

Bam Margera is well known for his reality TV show – Viva La Bam. He is also a member of the Jackass crew and was actually fairly successful as a professional skateboarder before he got involved in the above franchises.

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Rob Dyrdek

Net Worth: Approx. $50 Million

This is another skateboarder who made his transition from the sport to reality TV. He became a pro skateboarder at 12. He left high school at 16 and moved to LA so he could pursue a professional skateboarding career. And it looks like did just that.

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Jamie Thomas

Net Worth: Approx. $50 million

He is a skateboarder and entrepreneur who has achieved great strides in his professional career. He started at 18 years old after he moved from Alabama to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, he joined the Toy Machine Skateboarders and produced the Welcome to Hell video that went on to become one of the most famous and most influential skateboarding videos of the nineties.

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Tony Hawk

Net Worth: $140 million

He is the name at the top of our list and the richest skateboarder of all time. He has also been the face of skateboarding for a long time, practically since the sport started. He was also the first person to land a 900 and this caused him to be recognized all over.

One of his most well-known ventures was a series called Tony Hawk: Pro Skater, which grossed him more than $30 million. Along with plenty of other sponsorship deals, he has amassed the biggest net worth of all skateboarders in history.

Richlist of Skateboarding Professionals
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Skateboard Professionals Richlist Conclusion

Skateboarding isn’t just an after-school pastime anymore It’s a serious sport that can turn anyone dedicated enough into a multimillionaire. Our skateboard professionals Richlist shows no matter where you’re coming from you can make your passion your profession and get rich.


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