Hockey Tonight: How to Watch Prime Time NHL in Canada

The slap of the puck means adrenaline for NHL hockey lovers, if you want to watch hockey tonight to get that boost, we’re going to tell you how. Hockey is one of the beloved sports in Canada and steadily gaining space in the US market too.

The National Hockey League (NHL) manages all hockey teams on both sides of the border. The league is comprised of 31 teams, of which 24 are US teams, and 4 are Canadian teams. The NHL is the premier hockey league in the whole world.


In Canada, most of the games are broadcast on national TV networks. Rogers remains the exclusive English-Language TV station with digital rights to show all hockey games. But there are other ways you can watch hockey and we’re going to tell you how.

Hockey Tonight: How to Watch Prime Time NHL in Canada
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This is a brand of Rogers. The company has many different channels, and this is one of the many that you can use to watch the NHL in English. Sportsnet has four different regional channels – Ontario, Sportsnet East, Sportsnet West, and Pacific.

They also have other nationally distributed channels – Sports One, Sports World and Sportsnet World. They focus on other sports such as soccer and rugby as well. They televise more than 150 national hockey games on their three main hockey nights.

The main hockey nights are  Saturday night in Canada, Scotiabank Hockey on Wednesday night and Rogers Hockey Night on Sundays. For more information, you can check out their national broadcast listings so you are always informed.

As for the regional broadcasts, this channel has the exclusive rights to broadcast the Calgary Flames, the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers. They bring 82 games of the seasons for viewers. They also have the rights to broadcast the Toronto Maple Leafs as well.


TSN secured the English-Language broadcast for all hockey games. They shall do this through their TSN2 in Northern Ontario, Atlantic Canada, and Quebec. They have a 10-year deal for regional broadcasting as well.

If the game you wish to watch is not available on their TSN2 channel, you can look for it on the TSN3 channels, which are available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, parts of North Western Ontario and the Northwestern Territories.

Their TSN5 channel features all regional games, while TSN4 features both NHL and regional. For more, check out their site for a schedule.

TVA Sports Channel

This is a Quebecor-owned Sports channel that broadcasts for the French-speaking Canadians. All NHL games, the regular and playoff seasons are available on this channel, and the company also sub-licensed the National French-language rights from Rogers TV back in2013.

Which Channels Let Me Stream Hockey?

Rogers NHL Live

As a subscriber, you have access to the live streams and more than 1,000 out-of-market and national games. Also, all the historic games such as from the 2017 and 2018 seasons are also available.

The subscription includes both French and English broadcasts. They, however, have a different premium service that costs around $20 US that shows bite-sized clips of NHL highlights. This is however not available in Canada.

You can access the Rogers NHL live from Google Play Store, Apple IOS store, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV 3rd gem, Vita, Google Chromecast, and your Desktop.

Sportsnet NOW

This is also owned by Rogers, and through its various iterations, it delivers alot of hockey goodness to Canadians. There are more than 300 regular NHL games that you can stream from their online platform, and this includes all the playoffs.

They also broadcast their NHL games through this platform, but they also feature plenty of other sports as well such as MLB, Soccer, and NBA, among others, which means that their $24.99 cost per month shall not go unutilized.

The subscription is however included for free if you are already subscribed to their TV channel. The app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices, and others such as Chromecast and Xbox One.

Hockey Tonight: How to Watch Prime Time NHL in Canada
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Hockey TonightConclusion

The swish of the blade, the cheer of the crowd and desperately passionate fans make hockey what it is. If you’re a massive hockey fan, you’ve got a ton of options on you can watch hockey tonight and here on forward. Don’t forget the nachos and beer! 


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