Cricket Rich List: Top 10 Cricket Players with the Highest Net Worth

The landscape of cricket has gone through major changes over the years, and cricket players get paid more and more. There are newer tournaments, changes in formats, and a lot more. The international cricket council has changed the game to make it more appealing to fans from all over the world. The change of pace has been great and is perfect for attracting audiences from multiple age groups.

Naturally, with the increase in audiences, there has also been a sizeable increase in overall revenue. Cricket tournaments nowadays now get big-name corporate sponsors who add more value to the events. Therefore, not only do the national cricket boards make profits, the players do, too. Top performing players in the cricketing world get lots of added bonuses and prizes at the end of every tournament.


Moreover, they also earn a lot of money through T20 club cricket leagues held in different countries – notably, England, Pakistan, and India. With so much money involved in the game, it only makes sense for people to be curious about the top ten cricket rich list of the highest-paid cricketers of the world. We have formed a list of the top 10 cricket players below. The list takes into consideration the sponsorships, salaries, and bonuses in domestic and international matches.

Cricket Players

Top 10 Highest Paid Cricket Players

1. Virat Kohli

I don’t think anyone would argue the Indian captain’s position on top of this cricket rich list. Not only is he the highest-paid cricketer, but also among top highly paid athletes across all multiple sports. After achieving such a high level of fame at such a young age, many consider Virat to be arguably the best batsman and captain of all time. He has an A-plus contract with the BCCI and a big-money contract with Royal challengers Bangalore from the Indian Premier League. Virat also has lucrative sponsors by his side such as Uber, Oakley, Audi, Herbalife, Pepsico, Colgate, Puma, and Palmolive. With his current form, expect Virat to dominate this list for several years to come.

2. Dhoni

Mahendra Sigh Dhoni is considered as a legend in Indian cricket despite being an active member of the team. Dhoni took the reigns of captaincy from Rahul Dravid and guided the Indian cricket team to multiple series victories and international trophies. He is often summoned as a guest by numerous talk shows due to his charisma and likable personality. Despite not being in the best of forms, Dhoni comes In second in this rich list, which is a great testament to his previous achievements.

3. Chris Gayle

Rarely will you find a batsman as aggressive and calm at the same time and Chris Gayle. Gayle has been a prolific opening batsman for West Indies for more than a decade. His hard-hitting style has won him a lot of fans not only from his own country but from other nations as well. Besides the West Indies team, he also plays for Kings Eleven Punjab in the IPL and earns a formidable income through his salary and performance bonuses.

4. De Villiers

Ab De Villiers has been instrumental for the South African team in their success through the years. De Villiers announced his retirement from international cricket the previous year. He no plays in the IPL as well as PSL (Pakistan Super League. This fan-favorite batsman has earned many accolades and money  with his mesmerizing match-winning performances through his batting and fielding and thus, makes number four on this cricket rich list.

5. Sehwag

This former hard-hitting batsman from the Indian cricket team retired from cricket some years ago but still continues to haunt the memories of bowlers he demolished during his heydays. Sehwag is number 5 on this list despite not being active for several years. It goes to show how established he was as a cricketer. After retirement, Sehwag continues to stay in touch with the game through managing teams and guest commentating on occasion.

The following are the rest of the cricket players present in this illustrious list.

  1. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)
  2. Shane Watson (Australia)
  3. Gautam Gambhir (India)
  4. Michael Clarke (Australia)
  5. Yuvraj Singh (India)

There are new rising stars who are slowly taking over the cricketing landscape; expect to see a few changes in the top 10 cricket rich list of the highest-paid cricket players in the years to come. Click here for a football rich list.


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