Where to Find the Best NFL Highlights

If you are a sports lover, then you cannot compromise on getting the latest news about your sport. You always want to be in the know of which team is playing who, when and where. Ask around and you will be shocked by how much info sports lovers have on their fingertips. 

In this era of smartphones where you can download different news apps and live stream games, then there is no excuse for not being in the know. 


If you are an NFL enthusiast, we have compiled a list for you below where you can find the latest NFL highlights, schedules and all that is happening in that field. Keep reading.

Where to Find the Best NFL Highlights
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ESPN has an exclusive show for NFL called NFL Primetime. With this program, you get to know exactly what happened in the game and other various highlights they think you shouldn’t miss. You get to access hot clips of major highlights of the game so you can see exactly what transpired

During this NFL season, the show will air on Sunday and starts on September 13 at 7:30 p.m. ET and takes 60 minutes. With ESPN+, you can stream the highlights of an NFL game exclusively.  All the episodes are available for you through Wednesday and get updated after the Sunday and Monday Night football. 

Note that the episodes are not available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so ensure to watch them before then. ESPN+ costs $5.99 monthly and $49.99 per year. Subscribe to ESPN+  and get to watch various live sports from different leagues and other programming.


Subscribe to YouTube NFL official page and catch the latest NFL updates and highlights of past games. You also get to see in-game highlights from your favorite players and teams, get your favorite NFL podcasts and other daily football updates. 

Join millions of YouTube NFL subscribers and be among the first to get the updates and news of what’s happening in the football field. Moreover, you can download some videos for your offline watching

Sky Sports

Sky sports also offers you various NFL highlights and events as they happen in the game. NFL news here was previously called ‘NFL Special’ broadcasts and were live every Thursday, Sunday and Monday throughout the season. 

You can catch your football news on Sky Sports NFL or Sky Sports Main Event. Subscribe to Sky Sports on their website for $23 and get two football channels of your choosing. You will also watch other sports news and live games as they happen.

You can also upgrade to Now TV Sky Sports pass according to what you are comfortable with. Purchase any of these passes; a daily pass costs $12, a weekly pass is $19.45 while a monthly pass goes for $45. With Sky TV, you get to watch every minute of the biggest games and events as they happen on channel 407 on the sky platform.


HULU also offers you NFL highlights and games as they unfold. With HULU, you get to watch other sports activities like basketball and baseball as they happen. You get access to 65+ live and on-demand channels like sports on CBS, ESPN, FSI, FOX, NBCSN and other regional sports in various cities. 

Also, Hulu gives you a personalized experience where you choose your favorite teams, sports, or leagues and the platform recommend games according to your selection. You can also record your favorite game to watch later when you have the time. 

You can watch on your mobile phone on the go. Hulu + Live TV subscription offers you up to two screens to watch live video at the same time. You will also receive notifications when your football game is starting. Sign up on Hulu official website and start their weekly trial after which the monthly subscription costs $54.99.

Where to Find the Best NFL Highlights
Image Source: ESPN

To Sum Up

There are a number of sites to watch your football action as it unfolds. Some others will show you the highlights of the game that they handpicked for you. 

You can record videos of the live games and watch later when you have the time.  They also have apps like HULU and YouTube which allow you to watch on-the-go. Look in their subscription plans and select one that suits you.


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