Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes

Football, a US national sport, comes with a lot of drama and millions of fans who love it and its stars. While the NFL consists of 32 teams, every fan only has one team they support with their heart and soul.

Many of the stars playing in these football teams inspired millions of people all around the country with their performances. Because of that, movies were made to honor those players that made a lasting impact on the game and their supporters.


Read on with us about those movies made based on the lives of these real-life superheroes of the nation.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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The Blind Side – About Michael Oher

This is one of the most inspiring movies that was based on the life of a sporting hero, which many people around the world enjoyed. The film was based on the life of an NFL football player by the name of Michael Oher, who played mostly for the Baltimore Ravens.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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The Baltimore Ravens are located in Owings Mills, Maryland, US, and this team is one of the popular teams of the northern region that has produced many great football players. The movie is based on the life of one of the players with a sad history.

It Really Happened

The story is about a lost kid and a woman, Leigh Anne Tuohy, who took him in and gave Michael the chance of a lifetime. Sandra Bullock, who played Leigh in the movie, made the story come alive on the screen with great acting as usual.

Amazing Acting Performances in “The Blind Side”

Not only did Sandra Bullock give the performance of a lifetime, but so did the actor who played Michael. His performance was outstanding and convincing. Quinton Aaron from the Bronx in New York, who played Michael, is in fact about 2 years older than the real Michael Oher.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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The rest of the cast from the movie The Blind Side made a very good team and was a good overall choice to play the supporting characters. Michael became a football sensation and played for the Baltimore Ravens for about 8 seasons before moving on with his life.

Where Is Michael Oher Now?

Michael lives in Baltimore in the house he bought from the NFL earnings and became an overnight sensation after the movie and the book. Even though he is currently a free agent, he has a net worth of around 20 million dollars and is very active on social media.

Invincible – About Vincent “Vince” Papale

The famous Vincent “Vince” Papale is the reason this movie was made, and he was played by the even more famous actor, Mark Wahlberg. Vince Papale played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1976 to 1978 when he got his first break at the age of 30.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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The movie, Invincible, released in 2006, told the true story of Vince Papale and his road to becoming one of the most famous Eagle players. This was an inspiring story, and the cast of the movie, as well as the way it was told, was even more inspiring.

It Ended Quickly

It took this teacher and bartender a long time before he finally became part of the Eagles team, but it did not last that long. His football career came to a halt after he suffered an injury, and the wide receiver had to stop playing.

How Vincent Followed His Dreams in “Invincible”

This is what the movie was all about; learning to follow your dreams and make them a reality no matter the odds against you. Even though the film is based on a real-life story, it has some elements and moments that did not happen in real life. But there is also a good storyline and ending.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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In the movie, Vince Papale was a struggling bartender and teacher with a failed marriage with no promising prospects on the horizon. Some of his friends convinced him to go for the open tryouts, which landed him a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles roster at the age of 30.

He Was a Late Starter, Too

In normal circumstances, 30 is the age where most professional football players are planning to throw in the towel, but not for Papale. We also noticed that there are some discrepancies in the movie about the real story but, overall, the lesson was well taught.

Rudy – About Daniel Eugene Ruettiger

This is not just another inspirational movie based on the real-life history of someone who did not know the word quit. It is about a young man, Daniel Eugene Ruettiger, who went against all odds and followed his dream to become a football player for Notre Dame.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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Daniel tried for many years to get enrolled in the University of Notre Dame and play football for them, but his background was against him. Not just his background but his whole life, as well as all those privileged students and everyone else who heard about his dream.

He Did Not Back Down

No matter the odds against him, not even the fact that he had dyslexia, stopped him from keeping on trying to get enrolled at this esteemed University. Despite the fact that he was not even tall enough to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team, he pursued his dream.

Facts About the Movie “Rudy”

Rudy was played by Sean Austin. We all remember him from the movie The Lord of the Rings as the beloved and friendly character Samwise Gamgee. In Rudy, Sean Austin’s acting was top-notch, and he stole the hearts of many football fans together with the rest of the cast.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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Many of the dramatic things from the movie were true, but they did add some extra scenes for more dramatic effect. But those extras did not belittle the great storyline that inspired many people around the world.

Great Inspiration

The life of Daniel Ruettiger, who was known as Rudy, and his career in college football, is an inspiration for all of us. Take some inspiration from this athlete and follow your own dreams. Do not listen to those who say you cannot.

Brian’s Song – About Brian Piccolo

This might be one of the older football movies, having been released in 1971, but it is a worthy story about the football player Brian Piccolo. Brain played for the Chicago Bears when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer after becoming a professional football player in 1965.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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It is also about the friendship between two players – Brian, a white running back, and Gale Sayers, a black halfback and returns specialist – after Brian was diagnosed. In the time of racial problems, these two players were also the first interracial roommates in the history of American professional football.

Friends to the End

The movie provides an account of these two players’ friendship with completely different backgrounds who became friends after Brian was diagnosed with the disease. The friendship between Brian and Gale lasted until Brian died from cancer in June of 1970 at the age of only 26.

Facts About the Movie “Brian’s Song”

The movie, Brian’s Song, came out in 1971 as ABC’s movie of the week with James Caan playing the role of Brian. With the considerable success the film had on ABC, it was then shown in theatres by Columbia Pictures.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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This movie was mentioned by film critics as one of the finest films ever made and one of the best football movies of all time. The movie’s story was adapted after Gale Sayers wrote his biography in 1970, named I am Third, in Sayer’s own words.

A Good Interpretation

Both actors – James Caan, who played Brian, and Billy Dee Williams, playing Gale Sayers – gave an outstanding performance and this endearing friendship came to life on screen. This film won a large number of awards in the 1972 Golden globes USA with 11 wins and 8 nominations.

Concussion – About Doctor Bennet Omalu

The movie Concussion tells another real-life story, but this time it is not about a player but a doctor, Bennet Omalu, who made a discovery. Dr. Bennet Omalu discovered a link between concussions and brain damage in NFL professional football players in more than a few cases.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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While Bennet Omalu tried to warn them, some members of the NFL tried to hide it and told him not to disclose the information. He is a Nigerian-American forensic pathologist who discovered and published findings on traumatic encephalopathy in football players while working in the coroner’s office in Pittsburgh.

Shrouded in Controversy

Bennet Omalu’s findings were shrouded in controversy while he was prevented from warning football players against the dangers he found. The problem that was found in boxers and wrestlers was now threatening the lives of many American football players, too.

In the Movie “Concussion”

Who other than Will Smith was the perfect actor to play doctor Bennet Omalu. And he did it well with his natural talent and charisma. With a full and rounded cast, the movie made quite an impact on the general public and showed a completely different aspect of the game.

Discover These 5 Movies Based on the History of NFL Athletes
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With this eye-opening movie, the game will not be the same for many of us with its effects on the players. What also makes it a great film is the fact that they are not afraid to take on big-league persons.

This May Change Many Things

With so many things going on around head injuries and the players’ safety, this movie may improve players’ conditions. These NFL professional football players and other smaller players are heroes of the nation that need to be looked after.


These movies just got the fans behind the professional football players to make them even greater heroes. 

Sports are one of the better ways to get a nation to stand together, and that is just what the world needs now.


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